Monday, May 10, 2010

Emme Claire's 1st Birthday - part 3

Here are some pics that my best friend Bridget took at the party. She is also known as Emme Claire's Aunt Bridget. I think she took some really beautiful pics. Enjoy!
Sorry, these pics are all out of order.

Emme Claire in her party dress at the start of the party!

At the beginning of the party when everyone was eating Emme Claire ate her first peanut butter & jelly sandwich (it was owl shaped) and she loved it!

At the end of the party. Emme Claire was exhausted!

Emme Claire at the end of the party all tuckered out!

Emme Claire being silly before we gave her the smash cake. She was ready for it!

This is her "quit playing around with my cake and give it to me already!" face! LOL!

Cake please!!!!

Oh no! What did you do to it? Now it's on fire!

Now that I have it I'm not sure what to do with it!

Yum! I'm figuring out what to do now!

This stuff is GOOD!!!

Can I have one of these every day?

She got a little messy but not too bad.

Emme Claire was upset when we took her cake away from her. She had almost eaten half of it!

After cake eating time was over she crawled around on the floor a little and I fed her some ice cream. She loves ice cream, any flavor!

Her adorable owl bloomers!


  1. The party came out adorable! Came by way of Birthday Girl;o)

  2. You did a great job on the party. We had alot of the same things. My twins turned 1 on the 14th, party was May 15th. All pink and green and our ribbon topiaries look very similar. I even used the same plastic buckets that you did. You had alot of cute ideas that I wish I would have seen before our party! I will bost pics on my blog next week.

  3. Thanks Terri! I would love to see pics from your owl party!

  4. Amy, I don't even know now how I got to your blog but you completely sold me on the owl theme for my daughter's first birthday! It is going to be in July and I am totally inspired by your party. Thanks for posting such great photos!


  5. Thanks Tricia, I'm glad you like my pics! I had so much fun planning this party and I know you will enjoy planning yours too!

  6. I just found your blog ...I have 2 little girls youngest will be 4 in July ...and I may be stealing your pink owl idea ...PRECIOUS!

  7. Thanks Bridgit! I'm sure your daughter would love it! Be sure to go on Etsy to Ciao Bambino to see all the cute owl banners and other paper products I used. She has the cutest stuff!

  8. I decided I was going to do an Owl themed party for my daughters 1st birthday and wanted owl shpaed lollipops, so google sends me to your blog. Cute Ideas, but can you tell me where you got some of your Candy Buffet items(popcorn, owl lollipops) Thank You so much! Lindsay

  9. Well, the owl lollipops might be hard for you to find because I got them during Easter time from Wal-mart. They were part of the Easter candy stuff. My daughters birthday was a few weeks after Easter so that worked out great. The colored popcorn came from The Pop Pop Shoppe. I called them and they shipped it to me because they are not near where I live. You can tell them what colors you want and design your own combination. It comes in a big bag and then I just put it into smaller favor bags and tied with a ribbon. Their website is
    You can buy big Pixy Stix at Sam's Club for a great price. I didn't know about that until after our party. I got our pixy stix at Target in the Easter candy and they weren't as tall or as cheap as the ones at Sam's. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

  10. Hi again!

    So, I am pretty much copying your entire party! hehe!! I LOVE how it all came together! My daughter's name is Emme Grace - crazy, huh?! We picked the name Emme b/c I wanted Emma but the hubby wanted something a little different so we decided on Emme!

    I found the owl print at Target - Thanks!! Sooo cute! Also, where did you get the ribbon topiaries from? thanks so much!!

  11. Awe, another Emme. I chose Emme because I liked Emma too but I thought it was too popular and so I wanted something a little different but not weird. :)
    I'm glad you like our party so much. I made the ribbon topiaries myself. I bought the plain green foam topiaries at Hobby Lobby and bought the green flower pots from Michael's. I bought the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and Ribbon Retreat online.
    You'll have to send me a link to your party pics, I'd love to see how it all comes together. :)

  12. Did you make the cute bloomers are did you buy them? I would love to get these for my daughter. Love the pink owl theme. My daughter, Charlotte turns 1 in October and I am thinking of the same theme for her party. I would probably use a hot pink/gold or copper color scheme to fit the time of year. The pictures were adorable!

  13. I ordered them on Etsy from Bella Claire Baby. They have lots of adorable bloomers!
    The owl party in October would be great!
    Thanks for the compliments!

  14. Thanks Amy! Appreciate the quick response!
    Kelley (previously signed in as Miami Thetas)

  15. Hi
    I stumbled across your blog as I am searching for stuff for my daughters 1st birthday. I am doing an owl theme and LOVED what you did for your daughter. I would love to ask you some questions about your decorations ect. My email is if you don't mind answering questions!
    Thanks so much!

  16. I was curious as to where you got the bright colored buckets/pails.You did an amzing job on the theme.Very unique! Thanks-Loni

  17. They came from Party City, 99 cents each.
    Thanks! She is an Owl for Halloween this year. :)

  18. Hey there, love all of it!! My daughter's birthday theme is owls. I was wondering where you got the frame and canvas? I have looked on etsy..but can't find anything like it. :o(

  19. Thanks! I got it from a local lady that paints things to match children's bedrooms and other things to decorate your home. She has a Facebook page and a blog but I'm not sure if she is on Etsy. Her name is Rachel and her business is called The Peek-A-Bootique. If you search that on FB you should be able to find her. I've had her make a lot of stuff for me and it's all so cute! Her blog is

  20. Hi! my daughter is having a birthday in august and i really love the owl theme party! and i was just wondering where you got the invitations at? i have looked online but havent found any that i could put her picture on thank you!

  21. The photographer designed the invitation for me. Her name is Karie Potts of K&K Photography.

  22. Oh thank you so much! i looked every where for something like this thank you for helping make my daughters birthday even more special!