Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emme Claire's 2nd Birthday! Part 4

Emme Claire had so much fun at her Fancy Nancy party! This year was so much different than the last. Since she was turning two she knew what a party was and she was so excited about it! She especially loved having everyone sing the birthday song to her! She enjoyed her birthday cake too!

The birthday girl is in the fuchsia, purple and turquoise dress.

So cool in her Fancy Nancy pink sunglasses!

She enjoyed raiding the boys dress up table too!

She loved the top hats and magic wands that were on the boys table.

Eating one of the flower shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Emme Claire with one of the personalized cups. They read "Emme's 2nd Birthday!".

Getting excited! Here comes her very own cake!

Oh my! It's all for me!!!

Watching Poppy light the candles! All 2 of them! :)

I tied a big bouquet of balloons to her chair so she would have a special seat.

She is listening as we sing her Happy Birthday!

Getting ready to blow!

I had to help her blow them out. She wasn't getting close enough to actually blow them out. Next year she will be a pro at it I'm sure. :)

Nonnie getting her cake fixed up on her plate. We just cut her a big chunk of it this year instead of letting her eat from the whole thing.

She very much enjoyed her cake!!

Presents! She loved this little puppy in a purse so much!!!

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