Thursday, May 7, 2009

My little dumplin' is TWO WEEKS OLD!

I just realized that I haven't posted any pics of Emme Claire since Monday. This has been an exhausting week. She had newborn pics taken on Monday and then we had a pediatrician appt this morning for her two week wellness check up. She gained weight and has finally surpassed her birth weight! Yay! She is now 7 lbs. And she grew 3/4" in two weeks. She is now 20 1/2" long! Doc said she is doing great! Emme Claire has been up at night a lot, she enjoys her daytime naps a little too much. She needs one of those onesies that says Party at my crib 2:00 am! I don't have a lot of time for the internet anymore because E is good at keeping me busy. My only way of communicating with friends is with my Blackberry, thank goodness for it. I rarely get on my lap top. I haven't checked my email in so long that I'm scared to see how many emails are in my inbox. And I usually don't have the time or energy to talk on the phone. I have been working on this blog post off and on all day long when I get a free moment here and there. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a nice long nap with the baby. I might just have to MAKE myself take a nap with her. I'm tired of being tired. :) It's not like I'm scrubbing the house down every day I'm just wrapped up in Emme Claire! I love to look at her and cuddle her and rock her and love on her. That's what I'm usually doing besides feeding and changing her. I also wash dishes and clothes a lot too though. She is definitely a lot of work but she is completely worth every bit of it! I am head over heals in love with her!

Brian took these pics of her Tuesday night. She is always wide awake around bedtime. I'm so glad Brian got the new Canon Rebel before she was born, actually we got it before our trip to NYC back at Thanksgiving but we got it with her in mind. I think this camera takes really good shots and it takes them very quickly so that we don't miss those cute faces she makes like you would with most digital cameras. I don't think we could ever have too many pictures of our baby girl.

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