Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Tutu Princess

It's been a few days since I last posted on here. We haven't been up to much this week. Emme Claire is wearing me out because we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib again. We tried it a while back but gave up because we kept having to go in there and put her pacifier back in every time it fell out and that got old. But she is nearly 4 months old and we really need her sleeping in her crib so we are giving it another try. I guess it's been about 4 nights now. She much prefers to be snuggled up to someone when she sleeps, she sleeps more soundly that way. So when she is in her crib she wakes up a lot easier and when her pacifier falls out it makes her start squirming and then she starts crying. I watch her on the video monitor and when I see that the pacifier has fallen out and that she is gonna wake up I get up and run in there and put it back in. That usually puts her right back to sleep. But it's not good for my sleep. She is really wearing me out. It's the worst when she first goes down which might be midnight and in the morning after say 6 am. Between those times she sleeps pretty soundly. I really wish she would start going to bed earlier but she doesn't want to. Hopefully this will get easier if we just don't give up again.

I took a moment today and snapped some new pics of little miss priss in another tutu that I got her. She is gonna have so many tutus. I have several coming in the mail now. We still don't have a purple one though. I'm on the look out for one.

She liked grabbing the skirt.

She also liked looking at it which made it a little hard to get a good pic of her.

Yes, this hat is too big for her but I still think it's cute. She'll grow into it one day.

She kept trying to eat Daisy Duck's hair bow.

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