Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spoiled Rotten!!

For the last few days Emme Claire just wants me to hold her all day long! She won't let me sit her down for very long before she starts to cry. She will sit in her Bumbo and her Excersaucer for maybe 10 minutes but then she's had enough. I barely get a chance to brush my teeth or change out of my pajamas! I hope this is just a temporary phase she is going through.

Took these two pics while she briefly sat in her bouncer yesterday.

Today I dressed her in a pillowcase dress that was made by the same person who made her bedding. It's actually some of the fabric from her bedding.

She actually really liked looking at the dress. I kept having to call her name to get her to look at the camera because she was busy checking out her dress.

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