Sunday, October 11, 2009

24 weeks old

Emme Claire is doing a new face now where she wrinkles up her nose and squints her eyes and grins. It's so cute! She must know that we think it's cute because she does it all the time now. I will have to get a pic of her doing it and post it on here soon. She is loving her new jumperoo and she usually doesn't mind sitting in it to play while I get a few things done. It has been a life saver. Her hair is growing so much! I can't wait till the day I can put pig tails in her hair! Emme Claire has tried some new baby foods, she ate some sweet potatoes and seemed to really like them. She also had some pears, bananas and applesauce and enjoyed those too. I think we'll try squash tomorrow. We're doing all the 1st foods right now. But I think her favorite is still the cereal mixed with apple juice. She still drinks formula mostly and eats spoon fed food about twice a day.

Here is Emme Claire after the sweet potatoes.

Little Miss Messy!

We went to the Log Cabin in Ruston Saturday night to celebrate Brian and his brother Tim's birthdays with the family. I got some pics of Emme Claire in her cute little outfit before we left the house. The sweater sleeves were a little too long for her arms but it's still cute on her.

She was checking out the dots on her skirt.

This afternoon she fell asleep in her jumperoo. I thought she looked so sweet I just had to take a pic.

Look at her right hand, she is still holding on to her link.

Brian caught these pics of her holding her own bottle today. She doesn't like holding her bottle very often so I told him he should take a pic of her since she was doing it. Then when he got the camera out and pointed it at her she started to smile. My baby girl definitely knows what to do when a camera is pointed at her.

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