Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peek A Boo!!!

Emme Claire had her 18 month pediatrician check up last week and she got a great report. The doctor said she was such a well behaved child. (little does she know! haha!) All the development questions that the doctor asked us about Emme had already surpassed the average development of a child her age. She was in the 49th percentile for her weight 24lbs 7oz, which means she is exactly the right weight for her age. And she was in the 98th percentile for her height, 33 1/2 inches, which means she is taller than the average child her age. She got a flu shot and one of her immunization shots. One in each thigh and she cried so hard. Poor baby doesn't like shots. :( She will have to go back in one month to get the 2nd flu shot. Apparently you have to get 2 shots when you are her age.

EC used to sleep in her own bed until she got RSV and then we let her sleep with us in her Nap Nanny so that she would be elavated and we could keep an eye on her. That was in January or February of this year. Well, that made her never want to go back to her bed. Big mistake! So she has been sleeping with us all this time. Well we are in the TX house right now (been here for a week) and when we got here I decided we would start making her sleep in her crib. We have tried it in the past but she always cried so hard and for so long that we would always give in and pick her up and let her sleep with us. But this week I have not given in! Tonight is the 8th night for her to sleep in her crib! Yay!!! It has not been easy at all but I'm determined that she will continue to sleep in her crib. So far so good! I know it is better for her to sleep in her own bed and better for Brian and I too. It would be great if when we get back to the LA house she will decide she loves sleeping in her own crib but I doubt that will happen.

Oh, tonight Emme said a new word. Apple! She said is several times.
Something else she says that is so cute is "Ta Da!". Like after she does something that she thinks is good she says it. It's so adorable! :) For instance, tonight we were out eating at P.F. Chang's and she was snacking on some Froot Loops while we were waiting for our food. She started stacking them up on top of each other and when she would get a few stacked up she would say "Ta Da!". haha!

The child loves bracelets! I found these for her to wear in a recent photo shoot where she was going to be dressed like a rocker chick in some of the pics. She found them and proceeded to put every last one of them on. I believe there are 12 in all.

And there they all are.

Ready to go to Papaw and Grammy's house!

All the cabinets and drawers at Grammy's house seem to be filled with toys!

Grammy put up an old playhouse she had in storage in her living room and Emme Claire loved it!!!

She has the best time playing "pee pie" with the shutters. Except she says "pie pie"! haha! She shuts the shutters and then throws them open and she either says "Boo!" or "Pie Pie!". :)

"Where's Emme?"

"There she is!!!"

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