Monday, April 25, 2011

Fancy Emme Claire's 2nd Birthday Soiree! Part 1

My darling daughter Emme Claire turned 2 this past Saturday and the theme of her party was Fancy Nancy. I had a lot of fun planning the party and I think it was a huge success! Emme had the time of her life! She was a little social butterfly. She really enjoyed having so many people gathered together to celebrate her big day! Thanks to all who came and helped make it such a special day. And thanks to all who helped me pull it off!

Here is the front of the party invitation. I just adore it! Melanie Fuglaar of West Monroe, LA designed it and she did a fabulous job! You can find her on Facebook under Innovative Invitations. She is so great to work with. She did a lot of other design work for me for this party and I'll share those things a little later.

And this is the back of the invite. My daughter loves to play dress up and wear lots of fun jewelry and hats etc so this theme was perfect for her.

The party was held at The Historic Fire Station in downtown Ruston, LA. The building was renovated a couple of years ago and is a very nice place to rent for events. It was a perfect location for our Fancy Nancy birthday party.

Here is the entrance side of the building. I took these pics a few days before her party. I forgot to take pics of the outside on the day of her party. I had pink and purple balloons tied on the railings on either side of the entrance.

This is in the courtyard outside.

The other side of the courtyard.

Side of the building.

They have a lot of pretty flowers around the building.

This is the side of the building where the fire trucks used to enter.

The cake and cookie table was designed to be as Fancy Nancy as possible. We hung the party banners on this backdrop and made this the main focus of the party room. Both cakes and all these cookies were made by Heather Bailey of Social Bites of Ruston, LA. She does amazing work and is very talented. The main cake was very heavy and tall so Heather delivered it in a Cake Safe. I had never seen one of those before. It was a big box made from some sort of heavy duty plastic. Heather said that people ship cakes using those boxes. She successfully and safely got the big cake set up on the cake stand with no problems. Heather stayed to set up all the cookies for me too.

The cookie wands were star shaped cookies on a stick decorated with icing and tied with ribbons that matched the party colors. I think they turned out so cute!

She made fancy tiara cookies that were a perfect addition to the theme.

Heather made adorable butterfly cookies too.

This was Emme Claire's personal cake. Heather put a tiara with a #2 on top and polka dots around it which fit in perfectly with the theme and design. Emme's cake was vanilla flavored but the color inside was bright pink. You will get to see a picture of that later, it was such a pretty color inside. And it must have tasted pretty good because she definitely enjoyed eating it.

The main cake was 4 tiers, on a cake stand and had a E and feathers on top. It was very tall and heavy. Parts of the cake design were inspired by one of Fancy Nancy's dresses. The bottom tier with the purple ruffles is made to look like the dress you see on Nancy on the party invitation and also on the plates and napkins. Also the big orange bow idea was taken from that same dress. One tier had pink and white stripes. We had lots of flowers in the party design so Heather made one tier have flowers on it. The top tier had pearl like beads draped around the edge (made of icing of course). The scalloped design was used in many things through out the party. She also stuck butterflies out of the cake. I was so pleased with how the cake turned out. Heather never ceases to amaze me!

I will post more about this party soon. There are lots and lots of other parts to share with you. I hope y'all enjoy reading about and seeing the pics as much as I enjoyed planning this fancy party for my sweet little girl! :)

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