Saturday, June 18, 2011

California Vacation May 2011 - Part 1

Brian, Emme Claire and I went to California in late May. It was all of our first times to go there. I was able to spend my 34th birthday in San Diego at the San Diego Zoo. We had a wonderful trip and the weather in San Diego is so beautiful! It was about 30 degrees cooler there than it was back home in Louisiana and Texas and there was no humidity. I was in heaven! Seriously! Heaven!!! If you have never been to San Diego I highly recommend a visit there.

We were in California for about 8 nights (if I remember correctly, it's been a few months ago, trying to get this blog caught up) so we had time to see a lot of the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. I can't wait to go back. We loved it and California is now going to be one of our top vacation destinations. You just can't beat the weather and the beauty of it. It's amazing to look one direction and see the endless ocean and then turn your head the other direction and see beautiful mountains. There was eye candy everywhere you looked! Plus there were flowers and beautiful landscaping everywhere. Even in areas and places I would not have expected to see any. I was really impressed with southern California and I would love to visit more of the cities in CA.

While in San Diego we stayed at the Catamaran Resort. It was nice. One block from the beach and it was directly on the bay. They had tons of ducks just roaming the beautiful property and some exotic birds too. This resort is also close to Sea World.

In this post I'm sharing some pics from our first couple of days in San Diego. Photos of the Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay and San Diego Zoo. I'll share pics and info from other places we visited in later posts.

Mission Bay behind our resort.

Catamaran Resort

The beach on Mission Bay behind our resort.

The Pacific Ocean taken from Ocean Beach San Diego.

I just love this pic I took of these 2 dogs with their owner enjoying at day by the sea.

I enjoyed watching the surfers. There were lots of them. Even though the water was freezing! Yep, late May and the water was ice cold!

Ocean Beach, San Diego

My 34th birthday could not have been more perfect! Spent the whole day at the San Diego Zoo. This was by far the best zoo I've ever been too. It was huge and they had every kind of animal you could imagine. It was a very nice place.

Before going on this trip I bought this "kid leash" for Emme Claire because I knew at places like the zoo she would need to be out of the stroller at times and I didn't want to worry about her getting lost. This thing was so awesome! She even liked it!

This was a baby giraffe. So cute! It is 2 months old here but they said at birth it was 6 feet tall. Wow!

Here is another full size giraffe by the baby one. This will help show the size of the baby giraffe.

Emme Claire and I under a big fake elephant by the elephant habitat. They had so many elephants at this zoo! And we got to see some of them getting pedicures. :)

I can't remember what these were called but we rode it and it was fun. Very high above the zoo. Great views! Emme Claire enjoyed it!

Having a bit of fun!

San Diego Zoo tour bus. We rode this too and it was a nice guided tour of the zoo. This zoo is so BIG!!!

About to go for a high ride!

Pandas!!!! They looked so soft and huggable!

We ate dinner at Hodad's one night because it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Well, this was definitely one of the best burgers I've ever had! We'll go back there for sure one day.

Little Miss Priss!

Emme Claire sitting on the wall by the beach in San Diego.

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