Saturday, June 18, 2011

Orange Beach, AL May 2011

This was Emme Claire's 3rd year to go on a beach vacation. Well, technically the first year we went she was about 2 1/2 months old so we didn't actually stay on the beach because she was too young to be out in the sun and all (we did take her to the beach briefly in order to get some pics of her there). So we went to Gulf Shores and stayed at The Wharf which was a lot of fun BUT we went at the end of June and it was HOT! So last year we decided to go on our beach vacation in early June and we went to the Isle of Palms, SC thinking it would not be hot. Well, they had a heat wave the week we went and it was about 90 degrees there when usually it would have been about 75. Ugh! Our dumb luck! So this year for our beach vacation we decided to move it up to early May to be sure it would not be hot! And we went at the perfect time!!! The weather was beautiful! And since it was early May school was not out yet and therefore the beach was not crowded and our resort was not crowded, it was so nice! I hate crowds almost as much as I hate hot weather! It's going to really stink when EC starts real school and can't go on vacations whenever we want.

We had a fantastic time on this trip! We ate lots of good seafood and did lots of fun stuff!

Our Gulf view!

Daddy and Emme Claire walking to the beach.

Emme Claire was so happy to be stepping into the sandy beach! She loves it!

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