Thursday, April 30, 2009

Emme Claire is one week old today!

I had to go to a check up appointment with my OB today. Brian went to work this morning and then came home at noon to drive us to Monroe. I'm not supposed to drive for two weeks and I wouldn't want to either. I'm not feeling that great right now, very sore and tired. So when we left the house Emme was awake and content but after being in the car for maybe 5 or 10 minutes she fell fast asleep and that little turkey did not wake up again until after we got back home about 3 and 1/2 hours later! If we would have been at home I would have woken her to feed her because she is supposed to be nursing every 2 to 3 hours right now. She is very good at sleeping during the day but not so good at sleeping during the night. She is getting a little better each day though. I'm hopeful that in a month or two things will be a little easier.
I realized today that I really don't like taking her anywhere in the car. I'm so nervous that some idiot is going to hit us and that she will get hurt. I just want to keep her safe in my home. And I'm also nervous about her getting sick. This Swine Flu thing is all over the news and it has me a nervous wreck. So not only do I want to keep her at home I also want to keep her away from people. I guess I'm just an over protective new mom. I just don't want anything to happen to her. She is so tiny and fragile that it worries me. I guess I better get used to being worried about her. :)

Emme Claire is 7 days old in these pictures taken April 30th 2009.

She loves putting her hands up at her face. She did that a lot in her ultrasound pictures.

Bella is infatuated with Emme Claire. She just stares at her while wagging her tail. It is so funny, Bella will lay so that she is facing where ever the baby is, she wants to keep watch over her. The boys sniffed her and looked at her a little bit but they aren't as interested in her as Bella is.

I love when she yawns real big. It's so cute. But then everything she does is cute to me!

Mommy and Emme Claire!

These two pictures were taken April 29th 2009.
Emme Claire is wearing a cute onesie that was part of a gift from my friend Amy Caskey. It is newborn size and is almost the only thing we have that actually fits her right now. All the other newborn stuff is huge on her except for some infant t-shirts.

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