Monday, November 9, 2009

It's been a while!!!

I've been so busy lately with my sewing and tutu business that I haven't had much time for posting on the blog. I've had a ton of Christmas orders come in. Plus I started selling Scentsy and so I've been busy with that too. I'm gonna try to catch up on a lot of pics that have been building up in my computer and put them in this post so it's gonna be a long one. Long with pictures! :)

Before we get to my pics I want to tell y'all how to go see Emme Claire's 6 month pics that Mary Dawson took a few weeks ago. Go to after you enter the site you will click on Proofing and then scroll down until you see the name Emme Claire, click on her name and it will prompt you to enter your email address and your name... then you can see the pics. My favorite from this session is image #0039, she has the sweetest smile in this pic! Makes my heart melt!!!

We just had EC's 6 month pics taken by Baby Blues as well (yes, we have her in 2 baby picture programs) and they are online for one week. They are sooooo cute!!! She is a flower pot baby in some of the pics! And she is wearing a big pink tutu with a pearl necklace in some. Oh and I brought her blue plaid dress and hat and it was perfect, the blue dress made her eyes stand out so much. The ones I like the most are 1803, 1850 and 1876. To view these pics go to and then click on Client Gallery scroll down and click on Emme Claire. The login and password are both Amy (capitol A). If you click on the first small picture it will become larger and then you can just hit your arrow key to scroll through the rest of the pics and you will be able to see them better.

Emme Claire and Nonna (my mom)

Emme Claire and Nonna

Playing with her talking bear. It tells nursery rhymes and it moves, she loves that bear!

My friend Sarah makes frames for me. The white frame is one that she made for a pink collage picture that was taken by Baby Blues Photography. I think that both the picture and the frame look fantastic in EC's room.

Here EC is thinking "Oh my! Look at all that new stuff I can grab and put in my mouth!!" haha!

Tasty Toes!!!

She fell asleep in her crib after playing with her toys so long that she just gave out.

Emme Claire modeling some flannel pajama pants that I made for her. Isn't she such a good model? And look at her standing there by herself... Daddy was standing in the background waiting to catch her if she tipped over.

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