Monday, November 2, 2009

New Experiences for Emme Claire

Her first time riding in a shopping cart like a big girl! She absolutely LOVED it!!! I finally got to use the beautiful shopping cart cover that my friend Bridget got for her. It has little rings on it where you can attach toys. Emme Claire loved being able to see everyone and everything in the store. She had the best time riding around up high. These pics were taken Halloween day.

First time sitting in her highchair like a big girl! And she loved it too! She started talking and jabbering so loud, she was having a great time. I think she liked being up high instead of being down on the ground in her bouncer.
Of course she had to taste the highchair first. lol But after a minute of that she quit doing that and began playing with some toys. Well, more like throwing them on the ground so that I could pick them up again for her. ha!
These pics were taken November 2nd.

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