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I'm now an independent consultant for Scentsy. Scentsy is wickless candles and they are wonderful! A friend of mine hosted a party for Scentsy (she lives out of town so I didn't get to go but I placed an order online from her party) and once I got my order in the mail I loved it! And so I decided to sell the products myself since I didn't know anyone locally who sold them. Scentsy is ceramic warmers that you plug in and they have a low watt light bulb that warms the candle wax you put in the top of the warmer. They smell so good and the fragrance really travels far and makes my house smell great. They make large warmers that you would sit on a countertop or table and then they make plug in warmers that stick out of the wall, similar to the plug ins from Bath and Body Works. The warmers are very pretty, they have so many different styles and colors to choose from. They have about 80 different fragrances to choose from. I ordered 4 fragrances when I placed my order a few weeks ago and I love them all. Now that I'm a consultant I will be getting a Starter Kit in the mail soon that will have small samples of every fragrance for my customers to smell and choose from. I can't wait to get that and start smelling them all for myself! If you are interested in learning more about these products and would like to make an order or host your own party (were you would earn credit from your guests purchases) please let me know! I can get you a catalog if you would like or I could bring my starter kit to your house and let you see and smell everything in person. These would make fantastic Christmas presents for anyone who enjoys candles! They even have special combo deals that save you money when you package certain products together.
My Scentsy website address is You can go to that website to see more pictures and get more info about the Scentsy products.
Or email me at
Here are some pics of the products I had ordered.

Large Scentsy Warmer - $30 This one is from the Isabella collection and the color is Merino. You can see there is a little turn switch on the cord which makes it more convenient for turning on and off. There are also mid-size warmers that are $25.

Here it is turned on, they light up like a night light which makes them very pretty in the evening.

Plug-in warmer $15 This one is called Dandy Cherry. The plug ins have a little white on/off switch under the warmer.

Here it is turned on.

Plug-in warmer $15 This one is called Groovy Rust These leave plenty of room so that you can still use the other plug.

Here it is turned on.

Scentsy bars - $5 I turned one upside down so you could see how it comes. It is a small block that has 6 portions. You break off one portion at a time and put in your warmer. I have been buring one portion for 2 weeks and it still smells strong. I put the fun size candy bar in these pics so you could get an idea of the size of everything.

These scents are Toasted Caramel Sugar, Honey Pear Cider and Cinnamon Cider

These are Scentsy home sprays - $8 These scents are Home Sweet Home and Odor Out

Scentsy Travel Tin $5 This one is Leather scent (I love the smell of leather) Scentsy Car Candle $3 Hang these in your car, locker or closet. These scents are Leather and Clean Breeze.

Scentsy Brick - $20 This is a one pound brick. I ordered mine in Baked Apple Pie because that has always been my favorite candle scent. The bricks are great for when you know you will use a lot of that scent because they are a better value.

Here are some examples of the Special Combo Deals!!!

1) Scentsy System - One full size scentsy warmer and 3 scentsy bars for $40 (savings of $5)
2) Plug-In System - One scentsy plug-in and 3 scentsy bars for $25 (savings of $5)
3) Perfect Plug-Ins - Two scentsy plug-ins and 6 scentsy bars for $50 (savings of $10)
4) Perfect Scentsy - Two full size scentsy warmers and 6 scentsy bars for $75 (savings of $15)
5) Scentsy Sampler - (this is the one I ordered from my friend) Three car candles, 1 travel tin, 2 room sprays, 3 scentsy bars, 1 scentsy brick, 2 plug-in warmers and 1 full size warmer for $105 (savings of $20) This set gets you some of everything!

There are even more combo deals. Contact me for more details. Thanks!!!

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