Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Reindeer and a Popsicle

As soon as I saw the adorable Rudolph and Clarice reindeer at Build A Bear a few months ago I knew Emme Claire had to have them. Maybe I wanted them a little too. ;) So in November I went in the store one day without her and got them both. Actually I think it was the weekend that Aunt Bridget came out and she stayed out of the store with Emme in the mall while I built the bears. :) They are extra cute because they say the cutest stuff to each other. So I brought them home and hid them from her. Then about a week before Christmas I decided to go ahead and give them to her because she had so many Christmas gifts that it wouldn't hurt if I gave her a couple of them early. Well, she just loves these 2 reindeer! Right now they are at the TX house and we are not. I took these photos around the 2nd week of January while we were still at the TX house. It's so cute how she totes them both around and they always have to be together!

Hee hee! Three little backsides! :)

The following pics were also taken around the 2nd week of January. I let Emme have a grape push up and boy did she enjoy it!!! She had it everywhere by the time she finished it!

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