Friday, June 12, 2009

7 weeks old

Emme Claire was 7 weeks old Thursday, June 11th. She and I ventured out to Monroe that day. My mom was in Monroe for a doctors appointment so EC and I met her and Brian for lunch at The Brandy House. EC does so good in town. She pretty much sleeps through everything and only wakes up when it's time to eat. I don't know how long that will last but I'm enjoying it while it does. Then my mom went shopping with me and EC (Brian went back to work). We bought a birthday present for a little friend of EC's. Or should I say a future friend? And I was also shopping for a birthday present for my niece Chloe. That evening we went to Chloe's birthday party. This was EC's second birthday party to attend already. Her first was a couple of weeks ago when we went to Lane's birthday party. I'm sure EC can't wait until she turns one and can actually eat some birthday cake! By the way, I don't actually call her the letters EC. I just like to type it that way because it is quicker, in case you were wondering. I call her Emme Claire or sometimes just Emme. She got to wear a dress Thursday that she has never worn before. It is one of my most favorite dresses that we own. I bought it before I even knew I was having a girl. I saw it on Pottery Barn Kids website and fell in love with it! I knew my little girl HAD to have it! And I think she looked adorable in it! She also got to wear a pair of her mary jane Trumpette socks. They are so cute, they look like shoes. We have 5 boxes of Trumpette socks, I can't stop buying them. I must say having a girl is so much fun! I love dressing her in adorable outfits. I do believe I was truly meant to have a girl!

This is the dress. I'm a huge fan of the color red and so Emme has several outfits that are red. I think red looks good with her dark hair.

Emme Claire with her great grandmother (Brian's grandmother).

Emme Claire with her Papaw (Brian's dad).


  1. I love Emme Claire's new dress! We girly girls just love polka dots! She is sooooo cute in here big red flower hairband! I think she looks just like you Amy!
    mparnell (LT-choudrant)
    P.S. Her nursery is gorgeous! Quite elegant for a little lady!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I can't wait to come pick up her new monogrammed bib and burp cloth from you. I know they will be so cute!