Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girly Frills

I decided she needed to try on her one piece bathing suit yesterday so we could make sure it fits before we go on vacation next week. It fit her perfectly. The lighting in these pics doesn't show the detail that well. There are little layers of tulle all over the body of the suit that you can't see in the picture. I think she looks so sweet in it. I also got her a bikini and we tried it on yesterday too but I didn't get any pics of her in it. I'll try to do that soon. It looked so cute on her.

After trying on the bathing suit we tried on her light pink tu-tu and it fit too. And of course it looked super cute on her. I'm going to take both of the tu-tu's that fit her now with us when we get her 3 month pictures taken.

Emme has been sleeping so good at night lately. Well, I should rephrase that. Once she gets to sleep she sleeps all night. It's the getting her to sleep that is not easy. She doesn't fall asleep until about midnight or sometimes 1am but once she is asleep she will sleep until somewhere between 6 and 8am. She fights going to sleep at night. She doesn't really fight taking her naps during the day, just at night.

It is funny how she was so tiny and all her clothes were huge on her but now things are really starting to fit her. All her zero to 3 month size stuff is fitting great. She has a armoire full of that size and so we need to be going somewhere everyday so that she can wear it all. I have a feeling I've bought too many clothes and that a lot of it might only get worn once. It's very hard to resist buying all that cute girl stuff. If we decide to have another baby one day maybe it should be another girl since we have so much girl stuff already.

Well EC is waking up to eat so I have to run!

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