Saturday, June 13, 2009

A new Tu-Tu!!

I have a weakness for buying EC cute clothes. And I especially love little tu-tu's! She has three now. A hot pink one with bright green trim that she won't be able to wear until she is around a year old I think. A light pink one that says it's 6 to 12 months but looks kinda small so I'm hoping she can wear it soon. And then today I bought her a red one that is a 0 to 6 months size and I got a matching headband to go with it that has a red tu-tu poof on it. I had to try it on her as soon as we got home from Monroe today and it was Too-Too Cute!!! :) I absolutely love having a little girl! It is so much fun to shop for her and dress her up! She started smiling and being silly when I put the tu-tu on her. I think she liked it. haha!

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