Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emme Update

We took Emme Claire to the pediatrician yesterday for a check up to see if she had gotten over the Thrush yet. She still has it. :( So the Dr. prescribed something a little stronger and hopefully that will take care of it. While we were there they weighed my little dumplin' and she now weighs 10 pounds! I can't believe she gained 3 pounds since we were there last. I knew she had grown a lot but I had no idea she had grown that much! The Dr. said she is right on target and that he was pleased to see the weight gain. We measured her at home and she is 23 1/2 inches long now. She will be 7 weeks old on Thursday. She is still wearing her newborn size clothes and diapers. Actually some of her newborn size clothes are still too big for her but some of the onesies are too short in the stride. She is also able to wear some of her clothes that say 0 to 3 months, just depends on the brand. A lot of that size still swallows her. She is much more alert and aware these days. She has also started fighting sleep which is not fun. Thank goodness for her bouncer! She loves that thing! And luckily she sleeps when we are going somewhere in the car. We tried out the activity play mat that Brian's cousins Eric and Janine got her. I think she liked it, she likes the music and looking at the toys. It won't be long and she'll be hitting those toys. Here are a some new pictures we took of her over the last four days.

Her neck has gotten so strong!

We put Emme in infant t-shirts most of the time when we are just hanging around the house. We like them because the are so easy to put on and take off and they make diaper changes easy because nothing is in the way. I decided I better get some pics of her in one of her little t-shirts before she outgrows them.

Here Emme is wearing a little newborn dress that my friend Jennifer Spring gave her.

I bought these sunglasses for Emme to wear this summer and when we go to Gulf Shores in a few weeks. As you can see she was less than thrilled by them at first. :) She is very good at making a frown.

After I put her in her Bumbo seat and gave her a pacifier she was much happier. I had to try the shades on her while she was wearing the little cherry dress because they match it perfectly. Notice the little cherries and leaves on the arm of the glasses. So cute!!!

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