Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bathtime and Foam Soap!

Emme Claire loves bathtime and she loves foam bath soap. She loves all kinds of bath soaps. She has some Elmo red foam soap and it is her favorite. We have a home in LA and one in TX and the Elmo soap is in LA so I've been trying to find another bottle of it to have one in TX but so far I'm not finding it anywhere. :/ I got the first bottle at Target but I've looked for it at about 4 Targets now and haven't found it. If anyone sees it anywhere please let me know. I'm thinking now that I know how hard it is to find I'm going to buy a bunch of it if I ever find it again. It's in a metal can and it has Elmo on it, I think the can is red and green. Anyway, I found some other non-Elmo foam soaps for the TX house and she is enjoying them as well.

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