Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011 Update

So here is what Emme Claire has been up to over the last month or two...
Emme Claire is almost 23 months old. Getting so close to 2 years old, unbelievable how fast time goes by.
She knows lots of colors and loves to tell you what color everything is. She even knows black, white, brown, purple, pink etc. We are currently working on gray and silver. She is getting better at saying her numbers, only getting a few out of order sometimes. She knows lots of animals, of course all the normal ones plus some of the others like giraffe, elephant, zebra etc. She says Please, I'm Sorry, Thank You and Your Welcome. It was so cute when she first learned Your Welcome she didn't understand that one person said Thank you and the other person said Your welcome. So she would say "Thank you your welcome" all together in one sentence. lol But she finally figured out the proper usage of Your welcome. We are currently working on Yes Mam and No Mam. She can put on her shoes by herself, the pull on and velcro ones. She is talking so much now! It's amazing how over night she just seemed to become a little jabber mouth! lol
We got Emme a big SUV for Christmas and when I ordered it online I didn't realize how huge it actually was. So when it came in and we put it together we knew it was going to be too big for her. So after Christmas we just left it in the living room and she would sit in it and play in it and climb on it etc. After a few weeks she began to push the gas pedal and make it go so I decided yesterday to take it outside since the weather was so nice here and see what she would do. Well, I was so impressed! That little monkey drove that thing all over the back yard! She has to sit right on the edge of the seat to be able to reach the pedal and she isn't a short kid. She is not very good at steering so I would let her drive in a straight line for a while and then run over and turn the wheel for her. Our 3 dogs love to ride stuff so they all took turns riding in the car with her and Emme LOVED that! She loves our dogs so much! When they would jump out she would stop the car to get them to get back in!
She has the sweetest disposition and is so loving! She has a goodbye routine that includes the following, a kiss on the lips or cheek (it varies), a big hug, a high five and then on the way out she blows a kiss! lol She does this goodbye routine on me, my husband, our parents etc but also on complete strangers too! The other day we were leaving a smoothie shop and she did her routine on the little teenage girl working the counter. We just joined The Little Gym last week and when it was time to go home she went around the room hugging some of the other mom's goodbye and of course the teacher. lol
She had the best time at The Little Gym. It's really the first time she has been in a group setting with other children. She has been around kids at family get togethers a few times but not kids her own age, we've had some playdates with close friends and she's been to birthday parties but that is it. She stays at home with me everyday and we have never done Mother's Day Out. So she is loving being around all these other kids that are her same age. They sing, dance, do gymnastics (beginner stuff like rolling over and flipping over a bar with assistance), they sing their ABC's and play games. It is one hour each week. I'm really glad we put her in this so she can have some interaction with other kids her own age. We are having to miss class this week because we are not in TX but they let you make them up so next week we will get to go to two classes! Ok, enough talk... time for pictures! Here are some random shots from the first two weeks of March.

Emme discovered she likes spaghetti. She likes it A LOT!!!! :)

I love Melissa & Doug toys. And Emme has the best time playing with them. Here she is playing with her cookie set.

Emme has a new best friend and her name is Jessie! Emme was first introduced to Jessie at Disney World then we watched the DVD's (Toy Story for those not familiar with Jessie). Now she just loves her! When you ask her what does Jessie say she replies "Yee Haw!".

Emme and her other buddy, Elmo!

Excited and ready to go to her first class at The Little Gym!

She was trying to pick up all three of her "big" stuffed animals at once and she was having a really hard time doing it. She got so upset about it. Poor thing!


  1. Amy!! She looks so BIG in these pics!! What a sweet girl - God bless her! Can't believe she's about to turn 2!! Can't wait to hear all about her fun party :)

  2. I'm working day and night on the party! You know how that is!!! I'm excited and sad all at the same time. They grow up way too fast!