Thursday, March 31, 2011

Biedenharn Museum & Gardens

Now that I'm caught up on posting the pics from March that I took I can now share with you the pics that a professional photographer took of Emme Claire back on March 10th. I have a lot of favorites from the session so I will have to break them into several posts. We used Kimberly McDaniel and she did a great job again! These pics were taken at the Biedenharn Museum & Gardens in Monroe, LA. The tulips were blooming and they were beautiful!


  1. SUCH CUTENESS, Amy!!! LOVE all these pics but the 8th own down and the 2nd from the bottom are hands down my faves! Looks like she's a country music SUPERSTAR!!!!

    Of course, I'm super biased about the boots...he he he...I have a thing for boots. I may have to breakdown and get the ones you told me about :)

    Emme Claire is ADORABLE in hers!!

  2. Thanks Jessica! I love those too! The 2nd from the bottom makes me heart flutter!
    I too have a thing for boots! They are just so darn cute on little girls wearing dresses. :)