Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aunt Bridget's 2nd Annual Christmas Party!

We went to my best friend Bridget's (aka Emme Claire's "Aunt" Bridget) Christmas party again this year, it was Dec 17th at her father in laws house. It was extra special this year because Santa came to see all the kids! Most were happy about that. Some, including my Emme Claire, were not! haha! Santa came and he brought all the kids a gift. And the kids also had drawn names ahead of time and so they got to open two gifts that night. We had a lot of great food! My husband Brian made crawfish etouffee, which was a big hit with everyone. And we had lots of great sweets to eat too! Here are a few pics from the evening.

Here are all the kiddos that were at the party. In case you can't find her amongst all the children, Emme Claire is the 3rd one from the right end, sitting in Hunter's lap with Brody.

Look everyone, Santa is here! :) And that's Aunt Bridget letting Santa in the door.

Here is cute little Emma Kate getting her gift from Santa.

I didn't get very many good pics that night because there were adults and kids everywhere! haha! It was a fun party!

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