Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Canton TX Shopping Finds! Owls!!!

I hope I haven't already posted this here. I don't think I did but I have major Mommy brain most of the time.
I wanted to share with y'all some of the cute stuff I bought at Canton on Halloween Day this year. Some of these items will go in EC's big girl bedroom in our TX house. She won't actually sleep in there yet but that doesn't mean I can't make her a big girl room does it?? Haha! And one wooden owl will go on the wall in EC's upstairs playroom in TX, it's decorated in a bright colored owl theme. A lot of the decor in that playroom is from her 1st birthday party.

This "clothes line" will go on the wall in her big girls room. I'll have pictures from the pins and I'll probably add a few more pins to it. I think they forgot to paint the nose on those owls so I'll have to add that too.

Here is a adorable growth chart I found to go on the wall in her new big girl's room in TX also. (Here it is shown hanging on the wall in her nursery in the LA house but that was just to get it off the floor.)

This is the owl that will go on the wall in the upstairs playroom.

The cutest headboard ever! I was so excited when we found this bed! I just love it! They forgot to paint the nose on the white owl on the bed so I'll have to add it too. They had to paint most of this up for me that day because the one on display was already sold. So they were in a rush.

Emme loves her new headboard too!

And this is a little something to go under the Christmas tree! :)

I found lots of other stuff that day but this is all the Emme Claire stuff I got. Well, besides some hairbows. :)

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