Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm going to take a short break from the Disney World trip posts and share a few recent photos with you. Last year I saw the cutest strawberry rainboots online and couldn't resist ordering them for Emme Claire. I wasn't sure what size to get so I got a size 7. Well, they are way too big for her. So I kept them put up but one day not too long ago she came across the box they were in and wanted to wear them. She puts them on and clomps around in them. They sometimes fall off her feet. It's pretty cute. And whats even cuter is how she says the word "boots". :) For a few mornings in a row she would wake up everyday and go get her boots and play with them. So I have spent several days now trying to find her another pair of rubber boots that actually fit her now. Every where I checked either didn't have any at all or they only had bigger sizes. Then I saw some in Target but they didn't have the XS in stock. So that same night I went to another Target (thank goodness there are several Targets close to our house!) and they had the XS! YAY!!! She wanted to wear them right there in the store but I convinced her we needed to wait until we got home. So as soon as we got home that night I let her put them on. I'm so glad I got a picture of her face! It was pure joy!!! :)

Here are some pics of her in the first pair of rubber boots. The strawberry ones that were too big. Too big but not a bother to Little Miss Emme!

These are the pics I took of her with her new boots that fit. They are Hello Kitty boots.
So happy about her new boots!

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