Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney World Info and Tips!

Disney World is a truly MAGICAL place!!!

I'm going to share some things I learned from this trip that might help someone else when they go to Disney World. And when I go back I might need to refresh my own memory! And I'm going to sprinkle in some photos from our trip!

Getting ready for bed her first night at Disney World!

This was the first time any of us (Brian, Emme or I) had ever been to Disney World. So I wasn't sure quite what to expect. It exceeded all the expectations I had. Disney World was so clean and neat. Not like the usual filthy stinky theme parks I've been to before. I usually don't enjoy going to theme parks except Sea World, it's pretty nice. Theme parks are always crowded, loud, rude, dirty, stinky etc. Well, at Disney World the cast members (employees) were all so nice and helpful. And it seemed like anytime I had a question there was always a cast member nearby to answer my questions and point us in the right direction. The time of year we went was not very busy thank goodness. I know other times it can get a little crazy but I don't plan on going at those times until we have to when Emme starts school. I saw lots of people cleaning up the grounds and keeping everything really nice. We were very impressed with the service at Disney World (minus a couple of snippy people we encountered).

Here we are heading out on our first morning there. We are on the way to Chef Mickey's for breakfast and then off to the Animal Kingdom!

Meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time! I'm pretty sure she kissed every character on the nose. :)

Meeting Pluto!

Giving Goofy five!

We flew to Orlando and took our own stroller. We were a little worried about taking our own stroller for two reasons. One - worried the airline might tear up our high end Orbit stroller. Two - worried someone might steal our high end stroller while it was parked outside a ride, restaurant or show. We considered renting a stroller at Disney but they have hard plastic seats and I didn't think Emme would find that very comfortable. Plus the part the child sits in was really low to the ground and our stroller is really tall. I prefer Emme being higher up. So we decided to go for it and take our own stroller and I'm glad we did. We gate checked our stroller and the baggage handlers did not break it. It made it to Disney just fine. We left our stroller outside rides, restaurants and shows probably 100 times and never had a problem. We even left stuff in the stroller. So if you are worried about taking your stroller don't be. I'm not saying nothing has ever happened to someone's stuff before but I won't worry about it in the future. By the way, if you have never been you need to know that you have to leave your stroller outside in "stroller parking lots" everytime you go in somewhere to eat, ride a ride or see a show. You can however push them through stores.

Minnie Mouse is showing Emme that their dresses match. Mommy did that on purpose! ;) Actually, I wan't to say that majority of the kids (little girls especially) were dressed up in some Disney-ish way. Either wearing outfits with Mickey/Minnie on them or Princess gowns etc. The Princess gown Emme wore for Cinderella's Royal Table came from the Disney Store in my local mall and it was $50. You can buy princess dresses at the parks for $60. I also saw some princess dresses at Toys R Us for around $25.

A rare moment when I actually got Emme to peel her eyes off the character long enough to look at the camera! lol

A kiss for Minnie!

Take a backpack with you when you go. I'm so glad we did! Back when I was pregnant with Emme Claire I bought a backpack diaper bag for Brian and he never had used it. He just always used the diaper bag that I used. Well we finally had a reason to use that backpack. Don't bring your purse into the parks, leave it in your hotel room. Just take your wallet out and put it in the backpack. Our backpack fit nicely over the handlebars of our stroller so when we were walking around we let it hang on there but when we would leave the stroller parked somewhere we took the backpack with us. One of us would carry Emme and other would wear the backpack and man the camera. In the backpack we had diapers, wipes, disposable bibs, boogie wipes, pacifiers, chapstick, hand sanitizer, park maps, my schedule of dinner reservations, room key and probably a few other things I'm forgetting about. Our stroller has a bag underneath that we had 3 ponchos in but we never had to use them. We kept a blanket and extra set of clothes for Emme in that bag as well.

Awe, giving Donald Duck some love! :)

Emme kissing Donald!

Emme kissing Pooh! Are you beginning to see a pattern here? haha!

Loveable old Eyeore!

She was so happy to see Tigger! (whom she calls Tig Tig)

On a jungle safari ride! She loved it!

Sweet little baby face! She is growing up too fast on me!

These last three pics are of Emme watching the parade in Animal Kingdom. She LOVED it!!! We did too, it was a great parade!

As promised, the person who helped me book/plan our Disney World vacation is Michelle Davis of Vacation PlanIt. She was so helpful and her service is free! Contact her when you start to plan your Disney trip! She is on Facebook, look up Vacation PlanIt.

I'll share more tips and info in my next post!
P.S. I miss Disney World so bad right now! I'm already ready to go back!!! :)

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