Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disney World Jan 2011 - Epcot and more tips!

Here is another Disney World post!
The pics in the post are from the day we spent at Epcot. Epcot has two sections Future World (that is the first part you enter into) and then World Showcase. Future World was my favorite of the two. FW has the Spaceship Earth (the big ball) and the ride that goes inside it. Also FW has the Nemo ride which is cute. World Showcase is where you walk around a lake through all the different countries. There were two rides in there that we did and they were pretty good rides. One was in Mexico and one in Norway. I would have to say that Epcot was our least favorite park. I think we will like it more when Emme is older and she can do more of the stuff they have there.

The following pics are from our character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare inside our resort the Grand Floridian. This was probably the best breakfast food we ate on the trip. And the characters at this breakfast were Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.

Here is Emme giving Pooh a kiss!

We had a hard time getting her to stop looking at the characters long enough for us to get a pic of her with them. haha!

Giving Tigger a kiss!

Meeting Mary Poppins!

Emme loved Mary and her fancy dress and hat!

Meeting Alice!

Tigger is Emme's favorite!

This shows the monorail entering the station at the Grand Floridian resort.

I thought of something to add to what I was saying about flying versus driving. If you decide to drive you need to check with the hotel/resort you are staying at to see how much the parking is. I think if we would have driven to the Grand Floridian valet parking is the only option and it was very high! So that might make it worth spending the money on flying. Just a thought.

Spaceship Earth

Inside The Seas building where the Nemo ride is.

Inside The Seas building.

Since we had never been I wasn't sure how to plan our days. Like which parks to go to on what days. So I dedicated one full day to each park. We spent the most time at Magic Kingdom because we went there the first night when we got to Disney for dinner. Then we spent Thursday at Animal Kingdom. Friday at Magic Kingdom. Saturday at Epcot. Sunday at Hollywood Studios. Monday back at Magic Kingdom. Tuesday we flew home. I had only made meal reservations from Wednesday to Sunday and left Monday completely open. Monday we checked out of our resort around 10:30am but the resort held our luggage for us while we went to Magic Kingdom. By the way, on the last day of your trip your park tickets and meal plan still work until midnight. We still had 4 meal points to use on Monday so we used them at a restaurant in our resort for breakfast and dinner. We decied to go to Magic Kingdom that last day because it was our favorite park as far as rides go and we wanted to do more rides. I tried to plan our dinner reservations so that we wouldn't be running from Magic Kingdom to Epcot trying to make it to a meal. I had to rearrange a few reservations about a week before we left to make it simpler. We did the park hopper tickets. It cost us about $100 extra and instead of being able to only go to one park per day we were able to go to multiple parks in one day. BUT we never did that. lol We only went to one park per day. I guess I just wanted to have the option of being able to switch parks in case we didn't like a park or something. I'm not sure if I'll do the park hopper again in the future. I might, it's kind of like having insurance I guess. Park hopper passes would be great if you had been to Disney World several times and you knew exactly what you wanted to do in each park. Then you could go to one park ride your favorite rides and leave and go to another park and do your favorite stuff there too all in one day.

Still to come... restaurant reviews, tips on rides, pics from Hollywood Studios and more!

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