Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trip to the Park!

Last week Emme and I got to go to the park for the first time in 2011! Emme was so happy to be able to play at the park again and I was happy that the weather was finally not cold and dreary anymore! I'm looking forward to many more days at the park this year!

Emme is such sweetheart and so silly! She is always doing something cute. Of course, I'm her mother so I think everything she does is cute! When you ask her if she wants to get a bath she gets all excited and then runs around giving whomever is in the room a goodbye kiss. She is saying Bye Bye! all the way to the tub. She would stay in the tub for hours if you let her. She has never asked to get out. I ask her if she wants to get out and she says No! and then lays down on her belly in the tub as if that will keep me from picking her up. lol

Emme loves to have Brody and Asher (2 of our dogs) ride with her in one of her modes of transportation. Like her big double seater red wagon or her little pink electric car. Well for Christmas she got this monster of an SUV and it is just sitting in our living room because it's really too big for her to actually ride yet. Emme uses this big SUV as a jungle gym most of the time but she recently discovered how to make it go, sort of. Now she wants Bobo (aka Brody) to ride in the SUV with her. She is so cute how she calls BoBo BoBo, Sit! BoBo Sit!!! while she pats the seat beside her. Brody only likes to ride when the vehicle is actually moving not when it is sitting still or inching forward. Poor Emme, she just needs to be a little bigger and be able to drive him around. Then they will be stuck together like glue!!!

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