Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Monday was Emme's 2nd Valentine's Day and I tried to make it as special as possible. As I do every holiday. I want her to grow up with lots of great memories of her childhood and I take tons of pics so that if she can't remember it she will see lots of photos of it and feel like she remembers it.

When she woke up I got her dressed and then had her come into the living room to see what goodies she got. She had a good time digging into all the baskets, bags and boxes!

All Emme's loot!

I got so much stuff that I had to go to Target and get this big basket to hold it all. That's what happens when you start buying for Valentine's Day right after Christmas. You end up with a ton of stuff!

Isn't this little art box super cute?!!! I ordered it from a lady in Winnfield who paints all sorts of stuff. She is so talented. Her business is called Crayon Princess and you can find her on Facebook and Etsy. She made this Elmo one and she also made a Minnie Mouse one for Emme that is adorable!

She woke up thirsty! I made her ruffle pants and appliqued a heart on the shirt she is wearing.

Fancy gloves Mommy!!!

I love this sweet face so much!!!!



Yo Gabba Gabba!!!

Lots of new pajamas and a Mickey/Minnie Mouse shirt!

She was loving this ring pop! This child is such a girly girl! She loves any sort of jewelry!

Best card ever! It sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song! She loved it!

Those things in her hands are bath body paints/soap. I told her they were for the bath and so she took off and put them in the tub! lol

She loves playing with these gel window clings.

Ready to eat a Valentine's Day treat!

Pink Princess cupcake from Gigi's cupcakes.

Pink cotton candy! Yum!

I love the look on her in the next few pics with the cotton candy. Silly girl!

A treat for all of us! A Edible Arrangement! I've always wanted one of these and there is an Edible Arrangement store really close to our house in TX so I ordered us one. Isn't it cute?!

Emme was very excited about it! She loves fruit!!!

My gift from Brian and Emme Claire. Flowers, perfume and lotion.

Yummy cupcakes from Gigi's.


  1. Hi there...found your blog while searching "owl birthday parties" a few weeks ago! Just wanted to say Emme is a sweet pea! We're planning a Disney trip sometime too, and I've enjoyed your reviews. Your blog is adorable...keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! Glad you found me! You will love Disney! It makes you feel like a kid again! :)