Monday, February 14, 2011

Sesame Street Live!

We went to see Elmo and the rest of the gang Sunday at Reliant Arena in Houston. Emme Claire loves Elmo! I mean she LOVES ELMO!!!! So when I saw that they were coming to town I knew we had to take her! She had a great time! It was a cute show and it lasted about an hour and a half. By the time it was over she was beginning to get a little sleepy and hungry. I bought Sunny Seat tickets so we were able to get there an hour early and we got to meet Cookie Monster and Zoe and have pics taken with them. And our seats were in the front row! So Emme had a fantastic view of the show and the characters also came down on the floor in front of us a lot during the show. She got to meet more characters when they did that. She screamed Elmo Yay Elmo when he came out on the stage! One of fun things about being a parent is getting to watch your child enjoy things like this and see the joy on their face!

Hugging Cookie Monster!

Hugging Zoe!

This child loves jewelry no matter who is wearing it! lol

Reading her program

Excited! Waiting for the show to start!!

My sweet girl and her new Elmo!

Waving to Elmo!

Clapping along!

Enjoying the show!

The End!

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