Friday, October 19, 2012

Emme Claire as Holly Golightly!

After seeing a cute picture on Pinterest of a little girl dressed up like Audrey Hepburn's character Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's I knew I just HAD to dress my Emme Claire up like Audrey too. I've been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn for probably 10 years now. I own all her movies and even lots of memorabilia. So I started the hunt for pieces that would make this chic look come together in pint size. :) Some items we already had like the child size long black gloves, tiny tiara and the magic wand (in place of the long stem cigarette holder). I bought the pearl necklace, pearl bracelets, the black flats (in place of black high heels), black sunglasses and black dress.
Today we finally got a chance to go have some fun and snap some pics! We live about a mile from an actual Tiffany's store so I got Emme Claire all dressed up and we zipped over there! The only part I couldn't get as close to Audrey's look as I wanted was the hair. EC has lots of long hair but I couldn't get the bun as high and big as Audrey's but it was still cute. I'm pleased with the outcome.
Emme Claire is almost 3 1/2 years old. She always loves getting dressed fancy so this was a lot of fun for her.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Preschool 2011 and 2012

Last year, August 2011, Emme Claire started her first year of preschool. She was in the Little Lambs class, 2 to 2.6 year olds (they separate their classes by every 6 months and I love that!), at Paddington British Private School in The Woodlands, TX. She went Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 12. She really enjoyed going to school, loved her teachers (Mrs Sandra and Mrs Fabi) and was so glad to make new friends (like Isaac, Layli, Paige, Abby, Carter, Hannah, Victor and more)! She learned so much in the 6 hours a week she was there. I was very impressed and proud of her!

These pictures are from Emme Claire's first day of preschool last year. It's amazing to look at the difference in her from a year ago. She looks like a baby compared to how she looks now. She is growing up so fast, way too fast!

She was so excited on her first day last year! I remember how when we pulled into the school parking lot she told me, "Mommy, I go to school, you stay here!" lol She is so independent! Even then at 2 yrs and 4 months old!

This year she began her second year at Paddington. She is in the Butterfly class, 3 to 3.6 year olds, and goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9 to 3. Her Butterfly teachers are Mrs Polly and Mrs Federica, they are both very nice and very educated ladies. I know EC will learn so much from them. EC has been very anxious for school to start back and was super excited on her first day of school! She now goes for 18 hours a week. She has 6 hours of preschool, 3 hours of ABC's/123's club, 3 hours of Computer club, 3 hours of Science club and 3 hours of Music and Dance club. This is sure to be a fun and rewarding year of preschool! We are at the end of her first week and she seemed to love all her new teachers and classes.

By the way, she is wearing one of her school dresses from last year. I bought her some new ones for this year in the next size up but the ones from last year still fit so we are going to continue wearing those as long as they fit. Last year the dress fell below her knees and this year it is above her knees, she is getting so tall. She did have to wear new school shoes, she outgrew the old ones. :)

Here she is with one of her teachers, this teacher speaks Italian, English and Chinese. Pretty interesting. Last year, both her teachers spoke Spanish and English.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Princess Bedroom and Bathroom

Emme Claire recently turned three and we moved into a new house and those two events made her Dad and I decide it was time she had a new big girl room. We took her to a furniture store that we knew had a children's furniture section so that she could choose her new bed. It only took a few seconds for her to decide. As soon as she saw the big silver princess carriage bed that was it!!! I knew not to argue with her, her mind was made up. haha! The store we went to sells Disney Princess furniture so she got the bed, a nightstand and a tall dresser. I also got her a new cabinet to hold her TV, books and DVDs. We reused the rocking recliner from her nursery becaue it is just so cute and it's very comfortable. I bought all new bedding, curtains, curtain rods, rug and many accessories at Pottery Barn Kids. There is a PBK literally 5 minutes from my house so that made it very easy to mix and match linens and decide what coordinated. It's hard to tell what colors will look good together over a computer screen. She has her own en suite bathroom that I decorated to coordinate with her princess bedroom. I found her the sweetest ruffle shower curtain at Dillards and they had matching ruffle design tissue box cover, toothbrush holder, lotion pump and soap dish. Designing and decorating EC's princess bedroom has been so much fun! I'm still changing and adding to things, I just can't stop myself! :) And EC is totally in love with her beautiful new bedroom and bathroom!!! The first six photos were taken by Brandy of Purple Pear Photography - Magnolia, TX. You can find her online and on Facebook. She came to our home to take pics of EC doing what she loves best... dressing up like a princess!
The following pics are some that I took.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Princess Emme Claire's 3rd Birthday Party

Our little princess who is completely girly and loves all things pink chose the theme for her very special 3rd birthday. PRINCESSES!!! Pink Princesses! I decided to go with Aurora (her favorite), Cinderella and Belle with the color combination of pastel pink, yellow and blue. She loved every minute of her special day! It was so much fun! She had a bounce castle, train ride, balloon animal and body painting artist. Plus there was a large wooden play castle with slide inside the party room. Here are some pictures from the event.