Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nap Nanny

We got a Nap Nanny for Emme Claire yesterday from Ladies In Waiting in Shreveport. It's supposed to help with reflux, gas, colic, colds & stuffiness and ear infections. I love it and she loves it too. She fell asleep in the one in the store when we tried it out. I put her in it when we got home last night and here are some pics I took of her in it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Month Shots and Check Up

Today we had to take Emme Claire for her 2 month shots and then we went to see the pediatrician for her 2 month check up. I have been dreading taking her for these shots but it turned out to not be so bad after all. I couldn't watch them give her the shots. I hate to see her in pain and crying. Her Daddy held her while they gave them to her. She was asleep and they woke her up to drink one of the medicines and then she didn't even cry when they gave her the first shot but she did cry for the next two. She didn't cry for long though, she was such a brave girl. She has a green band-aid on each of her little legs. Poor thing! We are giving her baby tylenol to help her not get a fever.
Then we went straight over to the pediatrician's office where they weighed EC and she weighs 10 lbs 10 oz. The doctor said she is at just the right weight for her age. She prescribed EC some reflux medicine to help with her spitting up. We really like our pediatrician, she is so nice and reassuring.

Here are some new pics I snapped after we got home tonight.

Poor baby's boo boo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My 8 week old girl!

Today my little sweetie is 8 weeks old. It's hard to believe how fast the time flies by. She had an eventful day today. She got to see Brian's mom, grandmother and grandfather plus a few others relatives and then she got to see my mom, dad and my grandmother. We are all exhausted tonight. Hope to get a little rest tomorrow.

Okay, here are some new pics of her.

Ready to go for a ride in the car.

Little Miss Sunshine

Sweet Little Watermelon

Riding in the car puts her to sleep every time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girly Frills

I decided she needed to try on her one piece bathing suit yesterday so we could make sure it fits before we go on vacation next week. It fit her perfectly. The lighting in these pics doesn't show the detail that well. There are little layers of tulle all over the body of the suit that you can't see in the picture. I think she looks so sweet in it. I also got her a bikini and we tried it on yesterday too but I didn't get any pics of her in it. I'll try to do that soon. It looked so cute on her.

After trying on the bathing suit we tried on her light pink tu-tu and it fit too. And of course it looked super cute on her. I'm going to take both of the tu-tu's that fit her now with us when we get her 3 month pictures taken.

Emme has been sleeping so good at night lately. Well, I should rephrase that. Once she gets to sleep she sleeps all night. It's the getting her to sleep that is not easy. She doesn't fall asleep until about midnight or sometimes 1am but once she is asleep she will sleep until somewhere between 6 and 8am. She fights going to sleep at night. She doesn't really fight taking her naps during the day, just at night.

It is funny how she was so tiny and all her clothes were huge on her but now things are really starting to fit her. All her zero to 3 month size stuff is fitting great. She has a armoire full of that size and so we need to be going somewhere everyday so that she can wear it all. I have a feeling I've bought too many clothes and that a lot of it might only get worn once. It's very hard to resist buying all that cute girl stuff. If we decide to have another baby one day maybe it should be another girl since we have so much girl stuff already.

Well EC is waking up to eat so I have to run!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Pretty In Pink!

A new Tu-Tu!!

I have a weakness for buying EC cute clothes. And I especially love little tu-tu's! She has three now. A hot pink one with bright green trim that she won't be able to wear until she is around a year old I think. A light pink one that says it's 6 to 12 months but looks kinda small so I'm hoping she can wear it soon. And then today I bought her a red one that is a 0 to 6 months size and I got a matching headband to go with it that has a red tu-tu poof on it. I had to try it on her as soon as we got home from Monroe today and it was Too-Too Cute!!! :) I absolutely love having a little girl! It is so much fun to shop for her and dress her up! She started smiling and being silly when I put the tu-tu on her. I think she liked it. haha!

Friday, June 12, 2009

7 weeks old

Emme Claire was 7 weeks old Thursday, June 11th. She and I ventured out to Monroe that day. My mom was in Monroe for a doctors appointment so EC and I met her and Brian for lunch at The Brandy House. EC does so good in town. She pretty much sleeps through everything and only wakes up when it's time to eat. I don't know how long that will last but I'm enjoying it while it does. Then my mom went shopping with me and EC (Brian went back to work). We bought a birthday present for a little friend of EC's. Or should I say a future friend? And I was also shopping for a birthday present for my niece Chloe. That evening we went to Chloe's birthday party. This was EC's second birthday party to attend already. Her first was a couple of weeks ago when we went to Lane's birthday party. I'm sure EC can't wait until she turns one and can actually eat some birthday cake! By the way, I don't actually call her the letters EC. I just like to type it that way because it is quicker, in case you were wondering. I call her Emme Claire or sometimes just Emme. She got to wear a dress Thursday that she has never worn before. It is one of my most favorite dresses that we own. I bought it before I even knew I was having a girl. I saw it on Pottery Barn Kids website and fell in love with it! I knew my little girl HAD to have it! And I think she looked adorable in it! She also got to wear a pair of her mary jane Trumpette socks. They are so cute, they look like shoes. We have 5 boxes of Trumpette socks, I can't stop buying them. I must say having a girl is so much fun! I love dressing her in adorable outfits. I do believe I was truly meant to have a girl!

This is the dress. I'm a huge fan of the color red and so Emme has several outfits that are red. I think red looks good with her dark hair.

Emme Claire with her great grandmother (Brian's grandmother).

Emme Claire with her Papaw (Brian's dad).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emme Update

We took Emme Claire to the pediatrician yesterday for a check up to see if she had gotten over the Thrush yet. She still has it. :( So the Dr. prescribed something a little stronger and hopefully that will take care of it. While we were there they weighed my little dumplin' and she now weighs 10 pounds! I can't believe she gained 3 pounds since we were there last. I knew she had grown a lot but I had no idea she had grown that much! The Dr. said she is right on target and that he was pleased to see the weight gain. We measured her at home and she is 23 1/2 inches long now. She will be 7 weeks old on Thursday. She is still wearing her newborn size clothes and diapers. Actually some of her newborn size clothes are still too big for her but some of the onesies are too short in the stride. She is also able to wear some of her clothes that say 0 to 3 months, just depends on the brand. A lot of that size still swallows her. She is much more alert and aware these days. She has also started fighting sleep which is not fun. Thank goodness for her bouncer! She loves that thing! And luckily she sleeps when we are going somewhere in the car. We tried out the activity play mat that Brian's cousins Eric and Janine got her. I think she liked it, she likes the music and looking at the toys. It won't be long and she'll be hitting those toys. Here are a some new pictures we took of her over the last four days.

Her neck has gotten so strong!

We put Emme in infant t-shirts most of the time when we are just hanging around the house. We like them because the are so easy to put on and take off and they make diaper changes easy because nothing is in the way. I decided I better get some pics of her in one of her little t-shirts before she outgrows them.

Here Emme is wearing a little newborn dress that my friend Jennifer Spring gave her.

I bought these sunglasses for Emme to wear this summer and when we go to Gulf Shores in a few weeks. As you can see she was less than thrilled by them at first. :) She is very good at making a frown.

After I put her in her Bumbo seat and gave her a pacifier she was much happier. I had to try the shades on her while she was wearing the little cherry dress because they match it perfectly. Notice the little cherries and leaves on the arm of the glasses. So cute!!!