Friday, August 12, 2011

California Vacation May 2011 Part 2

While we were in San Diego we decided to go to Sea World. We have been to the Sea World in San Antonio a couple of times but the one is San Diego is just so much better. Partly because the weather in CA is much nicer than the weather in TX but also the layout of the place is more user friendly. And they had some extra rides and such that San Antonio doesn't have. I would go back to Sea World San Diego any day. One of the main reasons we wanted to take Emme Claire was to see the Sesame Street section because she loves Elmo and his Sesame Street friends. One of the reasons we wanted to go for ourselves was to see the shows. Sea World has so many great shows.

I can't remember the name of this ride but it was cool because it took you (slowly) up to the top of the tower and you could see all around the park and San Diego. It also slowly turned as it went up and down so you could see in every direction.

Emme Claire dressed for the occasion. :) Shortly after this photo was taken she spotted the Sesame Street area and she literally squealed with delight! Then she started yelling ELMO, ELMO, ELMO!!! It made me so happy to see her so happy.

Time for the Elmo ride!

She LOVED this ride so much!

Riding the Abby Cadabby ride! It was fun too!

Emme Claire hugging Zoe!

Emme Claire hugging Elmo! (This was not the first time she had ever gotten to meet Elmo but she was super excited about it!)

Waving goodbye! She was blowing them kisses too. :)

Later in the day we went back for another meet the character time and we were the first ones in line. So Emme Claire was lucky enough to have Elmo come to the front of the line and take her by the hand and walk her up to the stage where the characters sit and take the pics with the kids. She was grinning from ear to ear!

Zoe also came and took her hand.

This was one very happy 2 year old!!!

I will spare you all the fish, turtle, dolphin, shark, whale and sea lion pics. Next post will be about Los Angeles and DisneyLand!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emme Claire's 2nd Birthday Soiree! Fancy Nancy Part 5

Last post from the big Fancy Nancy 2nd birthday party! Maybe I can finally move on to some of our summer vacations after this.

I wanted to share a few party pics of the guests and Emme Claire enjoying themselves.

Miss Emory all fancied up!

Miss Amy having a bit of fun with the silly nose glasses and mustache!

Miss Josie all dolled up!

Cousins Josie and Emme Claire playing with a balloon.

Guests getting dressed up.

Miss Gracie and Miss Lanee Grace

Miss Gracie showing me her fancy ring!

Miss Jana all dressed up and her Mommy.

Miss Kenna looking fancy!

Mr Kaden looking handsome!

Mr Cannon so dapper!

Mr Lane being silly with his nose glasses.

Cutie Miss Jana

Miss Alison is a little sweetheart!

Miss Amy being pretty and Mr Chris being silly.

Miss Livi, she was being shy but she looked so cute all dressed up.

Uncle Jimmie and Junette, so glad they could come to the party!

Miss Morgan looking so cute!

PawPaw and Aunt Dean enjoying the party.

Little Miss Emma Kate!

Emme Claire hugging Emory

Jana having fun with some balloons

Even Miss Clotile had fun dressing up fancy!

The following pics were taken by Emme Claire's Grammy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emme Claire's 2nd Birthday! Part 4

Emme Claire had so much fun at her Fancy Nancy party! This year was so much different than the last. Since she was turning two she knew what a party was and she was so excited about it! She especially loved having everyone sing the birthday song to her! She enjoyed her birthday cake too!

The birthday girl is in the fuchsia, purple and turquoise dress.

So cool in her Fancy Nancy pink sunglasses!

She enjoyed raiding the boys dress up table too!

She loved the top hats and magic wands that were on the boys table.

Eating one of the flower shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Emme Claire with one of the personalized cups. They read "Emme's 2nd Birthday!".

Getting excited! Here comes her very own cake!

Oh my! It's all for me!!!

Watching Poppy light the candles! All 2 of them! :)

I tied a big bouquet of balloons to her chair so she would have a special seat.

She is listening as we sing her Happy Birthday!

Getting ready to blow!

I had to help her blow them out. She wasn't getting close enough to actually blow them out. Next year she will be a pro at it I'm sure. :)

Nonnie getting her cake fixed up on her plate. We just cut her a big chunk of it this year instead of letting her eat from the whole thing.

She very much enjoyed her cake!!

Presents! She loved this little puppy in a purse so much!!!