Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop and smell the flowers!

Saturday afternoon we went over to my parents house to visit and eat dinner with them. My dad had caught some Bass a few days earlier and he wanted to fry them up for us. My parents also made some homemade fries and hushpuppies to go with it. That has to be one of my most favorite meals! And Emme Claire loves it too!!! Before it got dark we walked around in the yard looking for flowers. We found a few daffodils and pansies. Emme had to stop and smell and touch them all! She also found some tiny purple flowers that were just some sort of weed that grows in the grass but she enjoyed picking them and smelling them. She had fun naming the colors she was seeing. We heard a owl hooting way off in the trees and she would stop ever so often to listen to it and she would hoot along with it. :) Here are some pics I took of her that afternoon outside at Nonnie & Poppy's house.

If you are wondering why in February Emme is wearing this very summery warm weather outfit I have an easy explanation. This is Louisiana. The weather here is crazy! On this day it was in the low 80's so it was very nice outside.

She spotted some flowers!

Here she is listening to the owl and hooting with him.

My sweet girl at 22 months old. Time is flying by way too fast!

Picking one of those little flower weeds.

You smell it!

On the hunt for more!

Found some!

What's that yellow thing I see over there??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Boots!

Cowboy err... make that Cowgirl boots! I got Emme Claire a super cute dress at Baby Gap a couple weeks ago and had a vision of her wearing it with some distressed brown leather cowgirl boots. So I went on a hunt for the perfect boots and to my surprise I found them!!! Just had to share them with y'all.

Here is the oh so sweet dress! It is layers and layers of ivory lace.

And the adorable boots!

We are having Emme's 2nd birthday pics taken in a couple of weeks and during this photo shoot we are going to have some pics taken in this dress and boots. Maybe a few with this cowgirl hat I found her too.

I also picked her up this pair. She loves boots so much I thought she might as well have a pink pair too. A girl can never have too many shoes! :)

Trip to the Park!

Last week Emme and I got to go to the park for the first time in 2011! Emme was so happy to be able to play at the park again and I was happy that the weather was finally not cold and dreary anymore! I'm looking forward to many more days at the park this year!

Emme is such sweetheart and so silly! She is always doing something cute. Of course, I'm her mother so I think everything she does is cute! When you ask her if she wants to get a bath she gets all excited and then runs around giving whomever is in the room a goodbye kiss. She is saying Bye Bye! all the way to the tub. She would stay in the tub for hours if you let her. She has never asked to get out. I ask her if she wants to get out and she says No! and then lays down on her belly in the tub as if that will keep me from picking her up. lol

Emme loves to have Brody and Asher (2 of our dogs) ride with her in one of her modes of transportation. Like her big double seater red wagon or her little pink electric car. Well for Christmas she got this monster of an SUV and it is just sitting in our living room because it's really too big for her to actually ride yet. Emme uses this big SUV as a jungle gym most of the time but she recently discovered how to make it go, sort of. Now she wants Bobo (aka Brody) to ride in the SUV with her. She is so cute how she calls BoBo BoBo, Sit! BoBo Sit!!! while she pats the seat beside her. Brody only likes to ride when the vehicle is actually moving not when it is sitting still or inching forward. Poor Emme, she just needs to be a little bigger and be able to drive him around. Then they will be stuck together like glue!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 2011 random pics

Emme wearing her favorite slippers. It is going to be really weird when one day she doesn't like Elmo anymore.

We were getting ready to go out one day and she was running around the house brushing her teeth. With her new Minnie Mouse light up toothbrush from Disney World.

This dress with the Russion dolls on it was made by Nelle's. You can find her shop on Etsy. I just loved this fabric! Just wait until you see the adorable strawberry dress I also got from Nelle's! It's adorable!!!

Playing in the ball pit!

She loves this wagon! She would let me pull her around all day if I would do it! lol

This was the photo I used on our Valentine's photo cards that we sent out to a small number of relatives. The card was really cute!

Waiting for Mommy to serve her breakfast.

Disney World Vacation January 2011

Here are some pics from our last day at Disney World. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. We also did the Disney Vacation Club tour of Bay Lake Tower and we got some great photos from there observation deck on top of the resort. I would love to join the Vacation Club!

We are already planning our next trip to Disney World for this December!!! I can't wait to go back! And I can't wait to see how beautiful it is at Christmas with all the lights and decorations! Michelle Davis of Vacation PlanIt is helping me book this trip as well. Don't forget to friend her on Facebook! And tell her I sent you!

Here is Emme checking herself out in her new Minnie Mouse ears and her new Minnie Mouse dress! I love this pic!!!

I can't wait to get pics of her in this very same hat for years to come!

The view of our resort the Grand Floridian from the top of Bay Lake Tower resort.

View of the Magic Kingdom from Bay Lake Tower.

Here is a close up view of the castle from Bay Lake Tower. I'm so glad we bought a new long range lense for our Rebel before we went on this trip.

View of the Contemporary Resort (which is next door to Bay Lake Tower) and this shows the monorail entering the building.

This was taken while riding the People Mover in Tomorrow Land (part of Magic Kingdom).

Emme met Chip and Dale.

We weren't sure who was who and so they were pointing to their noses to let us know that is how you tell them apart. But we still didn't know who was who. haha! I had to look it up online later and Chip has a black nose and Dale has a red nose. :)

Here is a pic of the Cinderella float in the Magic Kingdom parade. The parades in Disney World are so awesome!!! Maybe only beaten by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Emme playing around on the carriage outside the Grand Floridian resort while we waited for the Magical Express to come pick us up and take us to the airport.

We spent our last night in the Hyatt inside the Orlando airport and this pic was taken from our 9th floor balcony down into the airport terminal. This was a great hotel. This airport is nice too. It has lots of restaurants and stores in it.

Taking a nap before the flight home.

Bye Bye Disney World! We miss you!!!