Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Pics by Cloud Dust Continued

Here are the rest of the Fall pics I had taken of Emme Claire by a photographer in Magnolia, AR. You can see all my favorites from this shoot a few posts back. EC was 17 months old in these pics.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote! Halloween Costume Photo Contest

My little sweetie is in a contest with a local photographer. To vote for her picture you have to have a Facebook account and you have to go to Barnes Portraiture and Like their page. Then you go to the costume contest photo album and Like Emme Claire's picture. She is the adorable owl! :)Voting ends Sunday night Oct 31st.

Here is the link to her photo.!/photo.php?fbid=454154464003&set=a.454154384003.253701.111537269003

This is the photo.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Rock Star!

I've been trying to pull together a Rocker style outfit for some upcoming pics that Emme Claire is doing. Here are a few shots of her modeling the outfit for me earlier tonight. EC is 18 months old in these pics.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cloud Dust Preview

Here are some of my favorites from a Fall photo shoot Emme Claire had with Cloud Dust Photography in Magnolia, AR. Emme Claire was 17 months old in these pics.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

18 Months Old

Emme Claire is almost 18 months old, only 3 more days. She has changed so much in the 6 short months since she turned 1.

She started walking shortly after turning 1.

She started getting teeth shortly after turning 1. She now has 10 teeth. 4 front teeth on top and 4 front teeth on bottom and 2 side teeth on bottom.

Her hair is growing longer and longer and I love it! I french braided it the other day but it didn't stay up long before she had it pulled out. Maybe it won't be much long before she can wear braids all day.

She has been talking a lot more since turning 1. I mean she has always jabbered a lot and said a few key words but now she will repeat a lot of the words I ask her to say. And if I point to certain things and ask what it is she will tell me. She can spot an owl a mile away and she says Ooowwwllllll real drawn out like, it's so cute! I can ask her what the owl says and she says Whooo Whooo! I ask her what the dog says and she says Woof Woof! I ask her what the lamb says and she says Baaaa Baaaa! She knows a bunch of animal sounds and can pick them out in her books and just anywhere really. She is getting really good about repeating or trying to repeat the words that I ask her to. And she tries to count but she usually says the number eight every time.

She can hold her pointer finger up to show that she is 1 year old. And we just yesterday got her to do thumbs up! :)

She has started to be a little bit picky with her eating. We haven't had much trouble with her eating until about a month ago. Now she only wants certain things. I guess her taste buds are changing or she's just getting opinionated. She loves Chick-Fil-A's chicken nuggets and fruit cup (no apples, I guess they are too hard and crunchy) and she likes their waffle fries too. She loves fresh fruit, her favorites are red grapes, pineapple, strawberries and mandarin oranges. She loves her juice boxes too! Still not crazy about milk though. She loves these chip like things that Aunt Dean introduced her to called Puffcorn (butter flavor). When she sees the bag she knows what it is and wants them!

She is napping less during the day now. She used to take 3 naps a day but now it's 1 or 2. And usually a total of around 2 hours of sleep. She has started going to bed a little earlier than she used to and wakes up a little earlier too.

She loves Elmo now and still loves Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Pooh and Handy Manny. Oh and she gets really excited when she here the theme song for Sesame street come on. She is just so darn cute! She loves to play with the toy tools we got her, it's the tools from the Handy Manny show. Her favorites are the 2 screwdrivers called Felipe and Turner. And her favorite sleeping buddy is still Tigger, she has loved on him so much that she wore his stripes off! lol

I always fix her hair with her sitting on the counter in my bathroom and then when I finish I have her stand up and look at herself in the mirror and I always say "Look at the pretty girl!" Well, the other day when I finished getting her ready she stood up and started giving herself kisses in the mirror. Literally kissing the mirror. It was too cute! I'm so glad that I don't have to miss moments like those. Being a stay at home mom has been such a blessing!

I still sew but mostly just for Emme Claire and for one of my friend's daughters. I enjoy it so much! I'm hoping this week while we are in TX I will have time to make her a few new things for the holidays.

Emme Claire has decided she is a very "girly" girl! She loves purses - little girl purses that is. And she absolutely loves jewelry! If you ask her where her bracelet is she will hold up her arm to show you but you better not try to take it off or she will get upset! In the morning I ask her if she wants to wear her bracelet and she holds her arm up for me to put it on her. :) It's so cute! She has about 8 bracelets now, real ones, not the plastic play jewelry, I'm talking about cute charms bracelets and cute little silver bracelets. Then she also has some of the plastic play jewelry that is great for playing dress up. She has the best time putting on and taking off those pink plastic beaded bracelets and necklaces. Oh yes, she wears necklaces too! And Mommy couldn't be more thrilled that she is a girly girl!!!! :)

Here are a few pics of some clothes I made for Emme Claire recently.
I made these ruffle pants. I gave a girl who does monogramming some of the fabric so she could make me a matching shirt to go with it. And same goes for the black and white Minnie Mouse outfit below.

This picture was taken in August when we took Emme Claire to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston.

I Love You Emme Claire!

I hope my darling sweet Emme Claire always knows how much her Mommy and Daddy love her! She means the world to us! I don't know what we did without her!

We stopped by the pumpkin patch again so she could run around picking up pumpkins. She had fun!

These pics were taken at Emme's daddy's 34th birthday party.

She was helping him open his gifts!

She loves stickers!

She was playing Peek-A-Boo with the tissue paper!

These pics were taken Monday Oct 18th.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Sweet Little Pumpkin!

Here are the pics that were taken Oct 9, 2010 by Karie Potts of K&K Photography. Emme Claire is 17 1/2 months old in these pics. This is at The Townsend House in Ruston, LA. Emme Claire wasn't the best at cooperating for the shots that day but Karie still got some good pics. Enjoy! :)