Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Well it's almost Emme Claire's 1st Halloween! I'm so excited to dress her up and take her to see her relatives. She is gonna be so cute! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures (y'all know I will haha!) and I'll post them on here as soon as I can. But for now I am going to post the Halloween card that Karie Potts made for her (she also took all the pics that you see on the card). Her business is K & K Photography and the website is She is a very sweet person and takes wonderful pictures and she designs the cutest cards as you can see here. I know most of you got a card in the mail from me but I couldn't resist posting a pic of it on here too. (with Karie's permission of course)

We took Emme Claire for her 6 month check up yesterday and the doctor said everything looked good. She isn't having any problems and thank goodness she isn't sick and hasn't been sick at all yet! Knock on wood! We hope we can make it through the flu season with none of us getting sick. The doctor did say that now that she is 6 months old she recommends we get her the flu shot (the regular flu shot) so we plan to do that next week. And Brian and I also need to get the regular flu shot as well.
My baby girl weighed 16 lbs which is in the 50th percentile so that is average. And she is 27 inches long which is in the 90th percentile which means she is very long! My girl is gonna be TALL!!! =)

After the doctor appt. EC and I went to visit Aunt Dean and we brought her some of EC's pumpkin patch pics. Karie Potts did the pumpkin patch pics for us and they turned out so cute! I snapped a few pics of EC playing on a mat at Aunt Dean's house yesterday.

I wanted to post this picture of my little brother when he was less than a year old (I'd have to ask my mom exactly how old he was in this pic). I think Emme Claire favors him a lot, especially in this picture.

Here are some pics of me as a baby.
I'm 6 months in this pic. And boy look at all my hair! You can tell that my mom has already had to trim my bangs cause they are too perfectly even.

I'm 10 months in this pic. Emme Claire's hair better hurry up if it's gonna catch up to how long mine was.

I'm 10 months in this pic. I've even got pig tails in this pic. I can't wait to put pig tails in EC's hair!
That is my Uncle Bill holding me. I sure do miss him!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sugar Plum Fairies and Huckleberries

Don't forget to check out my business blog. and see all the new products I've been making for little boys and girls! It has been a lot of fun making all this cute stuff!
If you have a Facebook page you can become a fan of my Sugar Plum Fairies fan page.
Try this link

Don't forget that Christmas is right around the corner. Maybe your little cutie needs a tutu, dress or taggie blanket for Christmas!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Sorry it has been a while since I've posted on here. I've been really busy with orders but I'm getting caught up now.

My sweet little dumpling Emme Claire is 6 months old today and I can't believe we are half way to one year old already! Time is flying by! She has changed so much in these 6 months that I just can't imagine all the changes we have ahead of us in the next 6 months. She is going to be sitting up on her own soon, then crawling and then walking!

Here is the good stuff.... pictures!!!!

Here she is modeling a pillowcase dress I made.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Piggy Face

Emme Claire ate squash yesterday and she ate the whole jar. It must have been some good stuff. She also tried peaches the other day and she liked those too. I'm thinking we will try carrots today.
I forgot to mention that EC said momma or her first version of it anyway. It was about two weeks ago and we were in the car on the way to Ruston and she was upset about something, pacifier must have fallen out and she was fussing and then she said "Mum mum mum mum mum!" Then a couple days later at my Mamaw's visitation she said "Mum Mum!" and I had witnesses that time. :) Awe, it melts my heart.
I think it won't be long before she is sitting up all by herself. It is so exciting!!
And I have a feeling crawling will be very soon too. She tries very hard to crawl now but can't quite get it. She knows to pull her knees forward but she can't figure out what to do with her arms.
And when she is laying on her back she is always trying to sit up. She pulls her head and shoulders forward but can't quite pull herself up.

I finally got a picture of Emme Claire making her new face. It's so cute. She wrinkles her nose, squints her eyes, grins and sometimes she breathes hard through her nose which kinda sounds like snorting. It's so cute! I just hope she doesn't decide to do that at her next photo shoot.

My little piggy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pics October 2009

I'm so excited! The pumpkin patch pics that Karie Potts took of Emme Claire are online to be viewed now. They are so cute! And her eyes are so big and blue in the pics. I think I wrote down about 14 pics that I want to order, maybe I will be able to narrow it down a bit. I can't hardly resist cute baby pics.
To view her pics go to Click the screen to enter the site. At the bottom of the screen click on Clients and enter the password Emme. The pics will start playing as a slideshow but you can also click on a pic at the bottom of the screen to make it stop so you can view a photo longer. Some of my favorites are 2, 6, 12, 19, 20, 22 and 23.

Cloud Dust Fan Page

The Cloud Dust Fan Page is now up and running on Facebook. To view her clothes go to

Even if you don't have a Facebook account I think you should be able to view her fan page. Just copy and paste the link above.
She has some very cute outfits, hats and bows. She also has custom painted wooden rocking chairs. There is a black and pink one in some of the pics. It's so cute!
Don't forget the Cloud Dust Trunk Show is this Saturday from 2 to 4. Be sure to stop by and see everything in person!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

24 weeks old

Emme Claire is doing a new face now where she wrinkles up her nose and squints her eyes and grins. It's so cute! She must know that we think it's cute because she does it all the time now. I will have to get a pic of her doing it and post it on here soon. She is loving her new jumperoo and she usually doesn't mind sitting in it to play while I get a few things done. It has been a life saver. Her hair is growing so much! I can't wait till the day I can put pig tails in her hair! Emme Claire has tried some new baby foods, she ate some sweet potatoes and seemed to really like them. She also had some pears, bananas and applesauce and enjoyed those too. I think we'll try squash tomorrow. We're doing all the 1st foods right now. But I think her favorite is still the cereal mixed with apple juice. She still drinks formula mostly and eats spoon fed food about twice a day.

Here is Emme Claire after the sweet potatoes.

Little Miss Messy!

We went to the Log Cabin in Ruston Saturday night to celebrate Brian and his brother Tim's birthdays with the family. I got some pics of Emme Claire in her cute little outfit before we left the house. The sweater sleeves were a little too long for her arms but it's still cute on her.

She was checking out the dots on her skirt.

This afternoon she fell asleep in her jumperoo. I thought she looked so sweet I just had to take a pic.

Look at her right hand, she is still holding on to her link.

Brian caught these pics of her holding her own bottle today. She doesn't like holding her bottle very often so I told him he should take a pic of her since she was doing it. Then when he got the camera out and pointed it at her she started to smile. My baby girl definitely knows what to do when a camera is pointed at her.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cloud Dust Trunk Show

You are invited to a Cloud Dust children's clothing trunk show that will be at my house Saturday, October 17th from 2 to 4 pm. If you decide to come message me for directions. It is a come and go event. Stacy Howell designs and makes her own children's clothes. This trunk show will be for her Fall/Winter collection. You can view some of her previous designs on her website She is coming from Magnolia, AR. I think she will be adding pictures of her new line on her website later this week and she is also planning to create a Fan Page on Facebook showing pictures of her clothes. Her clothes are for girls size newborn to 6/7. They are adorable and she uses some very cute fabrics! She made my Emme Claire's crib bedding and it looks great! I've seen some pics of the new line and I am in love with the mushroom outfit!!! Emme Claire must have it!! :)

As you know I have started my own little home business "Sugar Plum Fairies & Huckleberries". So in addition to her items I will be displaying my tutus, taggie blankets, toy saver straps, bibs and burp cloths. You can view my products at

Everyone who comes will be able to put their name in a drawing for 3 different prizes. 1st prize is a 9" length tutu of your choice, 2nd prize is a medium taggie blanket of your choice, 3rd prize is a toy saver strap of your choice.

I will also be serving refreshments for you to enjoy while you browse. Feel free to bring a friend or relative with you.

You might be able to find a great outfit for holiday events and photo shoots. Or possibly gifts for a baby shower, birthday or Christmas.

If you have any questions you can contact me on Facebook, email me at or call me at 249-2863.

I hope you can make it!

Here are a few pics to give you a taste of what Stacy will have at the trunk show.

The mushroom outfit that I know I'll be ordering. Isn't it too cute?

The adorable sock monkey outfit. This is precious!

This is a taffeta ruffled pant set - it also comes with a sash and includes monogramming on the shirt. Wouldn't this be great for a Christmas outfit?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lil' Pumpkin

I somehow managed to do two blog posts on here yesterday and I'm squeezing this one in today but there probably won't be many more this week. This is going to be a crazy busy week around here. Lots to be done!

Yesterday evening we took Emme Claire over to visit with her grandparents for a few hours. Here are some pics I had Brian snap of her in her Lil' Pumpkin outfit before we left.

Then when we got home last night I snapped some pics of her after I changed her into her jammies.