Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12 weeks

Emme Claire will be 12 weeks old tomorrow, Thursday. But I won't be able to blog tomorrow because EC and I are going with Nonna to Shreveport. Or should I say Nonna is going with us? Nonna never drives when she is with someone else who will drive. Especially in bigger unfamiliar cities like Shreveport or Bossier. So I'll be doing the driving as usual but this time I'll be driving her car instead of mine. She needs to take it for an oil change and then we will do a little shopping. I'm hoping we can leave early enough to stop somewhere for lunch and then tomorrow evening we are going to meet my friend Bridget (aka Aunt Bridget to EC) for dinner when she gets off work.

Okay so let me fill you in on what little miss priss has been up to. Just in the last 48 hrs she has started not sleeping well at night. And she has been very gassy. Poor thing is having a lot of tummy problems. She isn't taking her bottle very well. She just kinda naws at it. Sometimes she will drink it good but then the next time I feed her she just cries and cries. I'm even beginning to wonder if she might be teething. It's probably too early for that though. Her pediatrician had called us while we were out of town and left a message checking on how EC was doing. And then Tuesday she called us back to see how she was doing. I told her what was going on and so she switched us from the Enfamil Gentle Ease to Similac Alimentum. It is supposed to help with colic and be easier on her tummy. We just started it last night so we haven't had long for it to start working. I hope she does okay on our trip to Shreveport tomorrow.

We got EC's newborn pics back from Baby Blues yesterday and they are so cute! I've never gotten anything bigger than an 8x10 before in my life but this time I got a 16x20, two 11x14's and a 10x20! And let me just say "Bigger is Better"! These big prints are so awesome! They might be more expensive (a lot more expensive) but they are soooo worth it! I'm in the process of ordering frames for them now from my friend Sarah. She has a blog that shows her products, you should check it out. www.customdistresseddesigns/ Distressed Designs is the name of the business. She and her sister-in-law make some really pretty frames, signs and magnet boards. They also have a booth set up in Bayou Crafters for those of you reading the blog who live near West Monroe.

We are going to have 3 month pictures taken this Tuesday by Mary Dawson Photography and then we go back to Baby Blues Photography on Friday. I'm so excited! I've been trying to decide what outfits to take for her to wear for the pics. Glenda Smith gave EC a really pretty blue smocking dress that I think would be perfect with her blue eyes. Which by the way have gotten a lot lighter and are so pretty and her eyelashes are getting much longer now. And then I also have the red tu-tu and the pink tu-tu that fit her now so I'll probably bring those too. There is one other dress that is sort of a champagne color and is kinda dressy that I think I'll take too.

I got EC a really cool night light from Pottery Barn Kids in Houston. It is shaped like an owl and it's white rubber but looks ceramic. It has a charging base that you sit it on when it needs charging but then when you want to use it you just pick it up and put it whereever you want. And the coolest thing about it is that it glows different colors. It constantly changes from red to blue to purple to green... you get the picture. I think it turns every color in the rainbow, literally. And she LOVES it! She just stares and stares at it. I'll try to take a pic of it at night when it's glowing and post it for y'all.

EC is actually taking a nap right now and so I'm getting a chance to sit back and relax and blog a little. Brian just made it home and he is fixing us some homemade pizza that he cooks on the Big Green Egg (it's like the pizza that Darcy cooks) and it is so good!!! I can't wait to eat it! I never even had time to eat lunch today so I'm starving.

Okay, time for some pictures!!! I know thats what everyone wants to see. :)
I took these pics today after I gave EC a bath and she was in a good mood.
I was needing to try some clothes on her that I've been wondering if they would fit or not and everything that I put on her today fit great! I think I'm gonna let her wear the pink bubble suit tomorrow.

My silly goose! She can make some funny faces.

Simply perfection! (at least in this momma's eyes)

This is the champagne colored dress that I'm going to have her picture made in. It is kind of a shimmery material.

EC's Nonna (my mom) got her this pink bubble suit. It has a matching hat but I forgot to put it on her. Maybe I'll remember next time.

Brian and I got her this elephant at FAO Schwartz when we went to NYC on our babymoon vacation at Thanksgiving while I was pregnant. EC has been to New York, she just couldn't see anything! ha!

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