Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're Back!!!

This is going to be a long one. It's been a week since I've posted on here. I never even used a computer while we were gone. Brian had to because he was working but I took a vacation from the laptop. But of course I still got on Facebook with my Blackberry, I'm addicted to it.

We got home last night around 7pm. We were glad to be out of the car. We picked the pups up from the pet hotel on the way home and they were so glad to see us. We unloaded and started unpacking last night. I also began the house cleaning and laundry process last night with hopes of finishing today. I washed a load FULL of EC's stuff! Let me tell you she can go through some bibs and burp cloths. You would think I have too many bibs and burp cloths if you looked in her dresser drawers but believe me we use them ALL!

We had a great time on our trip. Brian got some work done and had some meetings, we also got to visit with friends, ate some good food and of course I shopped!

We had dinner with our friends Anna and Darcy one night. They cooked a wonderful meal for us. Darcy has a Big Green Egg, he is the reason Brian knew about them and decided to get one for himself. So Darcy cooked us homemade pizza for an appetizer and then pork chops for our entree both on the BGE. Anna fixed some roasted potatoes and a salad. Everything was so good! And we both enjoy getting to spend time with them because they are very interesting people.

Here is a pic of one of the pizzas. I had to take it with my Blackberry because we had forgotten the camera in the car. Brian went down and got it later so this is the only pic that isn't of good quality.
This pizza is so good! I could eat it once a week! Who am I kidding I could probably eat it three times a week! ha!

There were three pizzas and we wiped them all out!

Darcy, me, EC and Anna

Brian brought in the "babysitter" to make EC happy. She loves her bouncer.

We went to the Galleria Mall to do some shopping and while there we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We've been to the one in Katy, TX before. It is a cool place and great for kids but the food isn't that great. Good atmosphere though. I got EC a cute tie dyed t-shirt that says My first Rainforest Cafe t-shirt. It's a 12 month size so it will be awhile before she can wear it.

EC was taking it easy in the hotel room. Livin' the good life. ha! We stayed in a very nice hotel downtown. I've been in downtown Houston before several times but I've never actually stayed there, it was neat. The hotel restaurant was fabulous!

Getting ready to head out for the day. She's my little monkey!!!!

EC discovered her left fist (only the left one so far) on Thursday and she has found it everyday since. She gets just a little frustrated when she can't stuff the whole thing into her mouth. ha!

Our last night in town we met Craig and Dana Kornreich and their baby Colin for dinner at Jasper's in The Woodlands. We had a great time visiting with them and the food was excellent. This restaurants baby back ribs were featured on a show on the Food Network. They were so tender and delicious!

I got to spend one day shopping in The Woodlands at the mall and market street where I used to spend so much time before we moved back to Louisiana. I miss that area so much! I went to two Pottery Barn Kids stores and got a lot of great stuff for EC's room. I'll post pics of that stuff later after I get it all hung and put out. We rode down to the Kemah Boardwalk one afternoon and strolled it. That is a really cool place. I know EC will love it when she gets bigger. We went to visit with Delane and Gary Pullig one afternoon and had a nice time catching up with them. EC slept pretty much the whole time. Delane held her and I guess EC was just too comfy to wake up. :) We ate at some great restaurants, shopped at some great stores, visited with good friends... it was a great trip!

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