Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family visits

Saturday evening we went over to Brian's Aunt Dean's house in Weston to eat and play cards. I love playing cards! Brian's cousin Lanie and her son Michael came over to play cards with us. We had a good time. Aunt Dean and Lanie got to love on EC while we were there. Lanie made the prettiest crocheted hats for EC. I just love them and had to take some pics of her wearing them so I could share it with everyone. I really want to learn to make stuff like this.

Aunt Dean loves to hold Emme Claire.

Emme Claire was admiring the clock on Aunt Dean's wall because it has sparkly spinning crystals in it and they caught her eye.

I had to try them on as soon as EC woke up that night! Isn't it too cute?!?!

I took the following pics of EC modeling the hats at home. This white one is so sweet, it has sort of a ruffle around the edge.

I just LOVE the big pink flower on this one! So cute!!! And when EC outgrows them she can put them on her baby dolls.

Sunday afternoon Brian's parents, Mike and Janis, stopped by to see Emme Claire.


  1. Hey Amy! I've joined the blogging world and just remembered you had a blog! I love the crochet hats, especially the one with the big flower! She's a cute, cute little girl!


  2. Thanks Chrissy!
    I'm so glad you are blogging now!