Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tummy Update

We took Emme Claire to St. Francis Hospital this morning at 8am. They did an ultrasound of her abdomin first and she was okay for a few minutes and then she was not happy and started crying. Poor thing just wanted up off that table. The ultrasound technician couldn't tell if the pyloris was narrow in the ultrasound, she said EC was too gassy. So then they sent us back to have the x-ray done of her stomach. She had to drink something white while the man did the x-ray. Once they had enough of it in her they took the bottle away. Well she was hungry and so that made her mad and she started crying again. Poor baby hadn't eaten since 6 am and this was about 9 am. So they got finished taking the x-rays and then let me pick her up and give her a bottle. That made her happy again. The man doing the x-rays said that from what he could tell everything looked okay but that he would study it in further detail and get with the pediatrician about it later. So I'm not sure if we will hear back from EC's doctor tomorrow or Monday. I'll post what we find out.

So far adding the rice cereal to her formula isn't helping with the spitting up. But I'm hoping it just takes a little time to kick in.

I have noticed that over the last week or so EC has become a very smiley baby. She gets tickled at me when I talk to her. She gives me a big ole grin and it just melts my heart.

She looks so prissy here! We are waiting in the "well baby" waiting room at the pediatricians office. These photos were taken yesterday with my Blackberry, that's why the pic quality isn't the best.

It didn't take long for her to fall asleep in her daddy's lap.

In the exam room laying on the table.


  1. I hope little Sweet Pea doesn't have any serious problems. I know how tramatic it is for her and Mom & Dad for her to have to go through tests! We'll keep her in our prayers!