Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Update

So I spoke to the pediatrician today. She called me and it's not the first time she has called me to check on Emme Claire. I love that. I've never had a doctor actually call my house without me having asked them to. Anyway... she wanted to know how EC was feeling and if the cereal was helping her not spit up as much. She is doing a little better with the spitting up but not enough. I'm hoping that it will continue to improve. I don't think I ever posted on here the results of her tests at the hospital. Everything was normal and it is just reflux. No surgery!! Yay!

We are leaving to go to Houston in the morning. Brian has a few meetings to go to and we are going to visit our friends Anna and Darcy and then on Sunday we will be seeing our friends Dana, Craig and their baby boy Colin. I'm really looking forward to this trip. I love and miss Houston/The Woodlands so much! I'm a city girl at heart. Living in Chatham is just not for me.

Back to EC. This will be her second vacation. She has now been in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana of course. And now tomorrow we can add Texas to the list. I'm really hoping that this fall we can take her to Tennessee to see Brian's Aunt Ann and Uncle Sonny and then we'll head over to the Smoky Mountains for some beautiful scenery. When I was little my parents took me to a lot of places up north and out west. I wish I remembered it all but I don't. But luckily my mom took lots and lots of pictures of me in those places. It would be nice if I could take EC to those same places. She is going to love to travel if we have anything to do with it. :) I really want to explore the world with her. There is so much to look forward to. Having a baby is so much fun! And she isn't even 3 months old yet, the fun really hasn't even begun yet. But it won't be long!

I doubt that I'll get the chance to blog while we are gone and we won't be back until Monday so I'll leave you with some pics of EC.

Her little onesie says "Peace, Love and Cuteness"

EC with her stuffed duck and dog that her daddy won for her out of one of those claw drop games while we were in Gulf Shores. He got both of them in one try. :)

EC with the pink dolphin that her daddy picked out for her when we went on the dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores.

Have I said lately how much I LOVE this baby? She lights up my life!!!

Lanie got her this dress and I love it! Its cute, soft and comfy and it requires no ironing (as so many of her clothes do) and it buttons up the front which makes putting it on easier and it will probably fit her for a long time. It's a 0 to 6 month size and it fits her now and looks cute but its baggy enough that I think she'll get to wear for at least a few more months or maybe longer.

I snapped the next five pics really quickly. Scroll down and see the way the expression on her face changes with each take. So cute!

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