Monday, July 27, 2009

Bathtime = Happy Baby

For maybe a week now Emme Claire has been hating getting dried off after her bath. She loves the bath but hates the rest. Yesterday Brian was giving her a bath and then I heard her screaming terribly loud so I went in the kitchen to see what was wrong. He was just drying her off and putting on her diaper. I suggested we take the diaper back off and put her back in the tub to see what would happen. So I did that and as soon as she hit the water she was quiet. Went from screaming uncontrollably to being all peaceful and happy. That little stinker loves bathtime! haha! We can't leave her in there forever, she'd shrivel up like a raisin. When I took her back out she cried again. But we then decided to load her up in the carseat and go for a ride. She loves to ride in the car and in her stroller. She fell asleep before we ever got out of the carport. So I guess all EC wants to do is take baths and go places! :)

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