Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Growing Girl!

Emme Claire is 14 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast she has grown in the last 3 months. Just to show you the different take a look at these new pics of her in her bouncer yesterday and compare them to pics I took of her in her bouncer when she was just over a week old.

She is so long that she is filling that bouncer up!

9 days old

Okay so I told you how she loves baths but doesn't like getting out of the bath. Well last night we gave her a bath and of course when we took her out she cried. Then I noticed she had some snot in her nose that needed to come out so I used one of those ball shaped rubber snot suckers on her and she stopped crying and started smiling so big. It was so funny! She LIKED me sucking the snot out of her nose. I think she thought I was playing with her and she thought it was funny. So from now on I don't care if she has snot or not, I'm gonna use the snot sucker on her when I get her out of the bath so she'll stop crying. Hey, what ever works! haha!

I put her in the swing yesterday and she liked it. It has a mirror on it and she just stared at herself until she fell asleep. She slept in it for a long time. I had it playing classical music. She is gonna be a classy lady one day. :)

Our daily routine now consists of EC waking up somewhere between 8 am and 10 am. It just depends on what time she fell asleep the night before. I change her wet diaper and then I give her a bottle (4 to 5 oz plus rice cereal added in). I like to feed her in her room in the cozy soft rocking chair (so glad we made that purchase cause it's a life saver, all three of us love it!). Then after she has eaten and burped, which she hates to be burped, we rock and read books. She loves her books! Then she usually takes a morning nap for maybe an hour if I'm lucky. Then we do the changing and feeding all over again and this is usually when I change her out of her pajama's. When I need to wash bottles or dishes or laundry I will put her in her bouncer and have it turned so that she can see what I'm doing. She's usually okay as long as I'm not too far away. She eats about every 3 to 4 hours now but if we are traveling she will go longer than 4 hours if she is sleeping. I usually give her a bath in the afternoon or evening unless we have to be somewhere during the day then I do it in the morning. Now that she is bigger somedays I lay her on her activity mat so she can look at all the pretty toys hanging above her and listen to the music. And she is really good at sitting in her Bumbo seat too. We call it her "poo poo chair"! haha! Cause she sometimes is able to poop when sitting in it and so when we think she is constipated we will put her in the "poo poo chair". Again... what ever works! :) We go in her room and rock and read books periodically throughout the day. Sometimes she will fall asleep during this time. Sometimes I nearly rock myself to sleep. She has two new stuffed toys that are her favorites. One is Mallory the Monkey (that's the name on the tag) and it rattles and vibrates and is very colorful. The other is Molly the doll, I named Molly. EC will put her arm around either of them and fall asleep holding them. I'll try to post some pics of her with them so y'all can see. It's so cute! Then after her final bottle she will go to sleep somewhere between 11 pm and 1 am usually. She has to sleep with her glowing owl night light! It is a must have at bedtime! Brian's Aunt Dean collects owls and we gave her the same owl night light for her birthday and we told her that if EC's owl night light ever breaks we are coming for hers! ha! That is our back up plan. Hopefully owl will have a very long life. :)

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