Thursday, April 7, 2011

My baby is growing up.

Well, yesterday I did it. I enrolled Emme Claire in preschool. Yep, preschool. Not daycare, not Mother's Day Out but real preschool. It's called Paddington British and it's in The Woodlands where we spend a large portion of our time these days (and it looks like we will be spending even more time in TX now). Since this school year is not far from being over she will start school in the middle of August when school starts back up. She will be in the 2 yr to 2.5 yr old class, it's called Little Lambs. I had a choice of sending her 5 days a week or Mon-Wed-Fri or Tue-Thu. I chose Tuesday and Thursday because it works best with our busy schedule. We do a lot of traveling on the weekends and those days will allow us to still go places from Thursday afternoon to Monday. And it will help us to not miss school as much. Of course since it's preschool she is allowed to miss but I'm going to try not to have her miss very often. She will be going 2 days a week from 9am to noon, so that is just 6 hours a week. They have an optional Lunch Bunch that is from noon to 3pm that I might take advantage of sometimes when I have things I need to do. During Lunch Bunch they eat, take a nap and have playtime. But mainly I just want her to attend from 9 to 12 because that is when they learn everything. And the teachers at her preschool are actual teachers. I'm so excited. I know she is going to learn so much and she is going to have lots of fun with the other children. The classes are very small, usually 7 or 8 children. Oh and the children have to wear uniforms. I can't wait to see her cute little self in a uniform! :) The school is offering Summer Camp programs for a 2 week period in June that I'm thinking about enrolling her in. Her camp class would be called Beach Buddies and they will learn all about ocean life. But back to preschool... I'm nervous about sending her simply because she has always just been with me and never stayed anywhere like that before. She's never even had a babysitter before. We just take her everywhere with us or once in a while we have one of her grandmothers watch her for us. So I'm going to have some anxiety from being without her. However I don't think it will bother her at all. She loves people and I mean everyone! I don't think she will have any trouble adjusting to Mommy leaving her. I know this will be good for her. I want to give her every educational advantage that I can and this school is supposed to be the best around here. Another thing I like about it is it's gated. So people have to use a call box to tell who they are and why they are there before they can enter the property. It's on 3 acres and has multiple buildings. They are cute buildings like something out of a storybook. They have 3 outdoor playgrounds, each is for a different age group with age appropriate playground equipment. And for rainy days they have a nice indoor playground. I guess the only time Emme will get to play is on days when she stays with the lunch bunch. They have an art room, music room, library, plus all the different class rooms. I'm really excited about it now. But when August comes I'll probably be panicing and Boo Hooing! lol

Here are some pics of my little sweetie from this first week in April.

She loves BUBBLES!!!

Building a tower of blocks is fun!

"Ta Da!" she says.

It's really fun to knock it over too! "Crash!" she says.

Building it back up again.

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