Thursday, April 14, 2011

My very own Fancy Nancy!

Emme Claire will be 2 years old on April 23rd. I can't believe how fast our time with her so far has gone by. I just want to let every moment with her soak into my memory. One day she will be grown and that scares me. I just want her to stay little forever. I'm trying my best to make every day special.

I've been planning her birthday party for months now and it's going to be so cute and fun! The party theme is Fancy Nancy, which I turned into Fancy Emme Claire. I decided on this theme because EC loves jewelry, hats, boas, just everything girly really. So I thought it fit her perfectly. I will definitely share lots of pics from the party on here. I can't wait to see the cake. I know the cake will be fabulous and fancy! I'll post her invitation on here too but I'm going to wait until after the party to do so that way I don't have to blur out any of the party info.

To tide you over here are some pics of EC in her birthday party dress. These were taken by Kimberly McDaniel of at Biedenharn Museum and Gardens in Monroe, LA. We used 2 of these adorable pics on the invitation.

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