Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emme Claire Update

Emme Claire is asleep in my lap right now so I thought I'd take a minute to give an update on what she is up to these days. I think I mentioned before that she started rolling over on Friday, September 4th. The first time she did it no one was there to see it. We had just gotten to the hotel and we were letting her stretch out in the middle of the bed while we did a little unpacking. I looked over at her and she was on her stomach. I said "Brian did you put her on her stomach?" He said "No." So that little stinker did her first roll with no one looking! But then that is all she wanted to do when we would lay her on the bed so we got to see her do it plenty! She was rolling around all weekend. And now we can not walk away from her on the changing table to throw her diaper away or get clothes out of her armoire or anything because she will roll off. She has also learned to throw her head back real far and see what is behind/above her, she arches her back real far. It does not look comfortable when she does that. She is grabbing her toys a lot now and she likes sticking them in her mouth. She has been gumming on Molly's hair a lot (her doll). She loves the new hand puppet dog we got her this weekend. It is very soft and she loves wrapping her arms around it and she loves to have it up against her face. Right now she has her face nuzzled into it's side while she sleeps. She is still fighting sleep at night, that hasn't changed. She is a night owl. She is sleeping kinda early tonight because she missed some of her naps today. She gets cranky if she misses a nap or if her nap gets cut short. She did so good all weekend on our trip. She was a dream actually. I even told Brian how lucky we are that she is so good. Then today she made me eat my words! After my mom got here to help with EC so I could get ready EC decided she was going to throw a fit. She screamed and cried for probably 30 minutes. I know why she did it. Poor thing didn't get a very long morning nap and then when my mom got here she had just fallen asleep and something woke her up, I think it may have been the dogs. So then after a while she was just exhausted and cranky. She needed to sleep and was fighting it. My mom was finally able to rock her to sleep and she was better after that. As long as she gets to take her naps she is a good baby. She is growing like a weed! She is currently wearing many different sizes. She is long and thin. So if it is a dress, shirt or gown she can still wear all her 0 to 3 month and 3 to 6 month sizes. If it is pants or a onesie then she needs at least a 6 month size. But I've been buying her some 9 month size footed pajamas too because it won't be long and she will be too long for the 6 month size. It is a good thing that I buy her so many dresses, at least she gets to wear them a long time. I should not have bought so many onesies, she has a lot of onesies that she never even wore. :(

I have posted pics of some of the goodies EC got this past weekend. I didn't take pics of all the footed pajamas she got but here are some of the outfits and toys she got.

Emme Claire's very first winter coat. I just love it! It is so cute and funky! It's pink wool with a red print trim and lining and it has cute flower buttons. I love that it has a tie around the waist.

Here is the back.

When I saw this outfit I knew EC had to have it. It is a chocolate brown sweater dress that I paired with striped leggings. The stripes are the same colors as the dots on the dress. The bib and socks match.

This is a close up of the bib and socks. That is a little mouse.

Pajamas that are perfect for my little "Night Owl". It has little owls, raccoons and rabbits on the pants.

Top, leggings and matching socks for my "Lil' Pumpkin".

The teddy bear is the talking/moving bear that Brian got her. I haven't named it yet. Since it is holding the baby bear I've been calling her Momma Bear. In case you haven't noticed I like naming her toys. Some of them already come with names but the ones that don't I make sure get one. The little doll is Sweet Pea. It's cute because you can take it out of the pod and put it back in. You know how kids like to do stuff like that. She already has one similar that is called Lil' Peanut and it's a baby in a peanut shell.

The dog is the hand puppet we got her. She loves it! I named it Shaggy. (I like the Scooby Doo cartoon, remember Shaggy?) Also you can see Sweet Pea in her pod.

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